Sunday, March 12, 2006

Writerly Stuff

I've just signed on to the Freelance Writers Association. Free signup and one can donate if you're so moved. However, it's got a ton of information for all types of writers, not just of fiction, but journalistic, technical, etc. So, I'll give them a plug here.

Thousands Of Free Writing Resources
Freelance Writers' Intl.


Inkwell Newswatch (IN) Writing and Literary Ezine for Writers
Inkwell Newswatch


  1. Thanks for the Freelance Writing Org link - what an incredibly useful resource! ~Sharon

  2. Wow! The Freelance Writing Organization and Inkwell Newswatch at was quite the tip!
    Thanks very much.
    Those people over there are doing a fantastic job supplying free resources for writers.
    They certainly helped me.
    Do you write for them?
    See ya!
    Shy Writer