Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Big WooHoo Came Through

Last month I wrote that at least one of my Cadida stories was accepted by Sam's Dot Publishing. I just heard from the editor that all three of the stories will be published in a single volume and marketed to kids.

There will be illustrations, so now we'll all get to discover what Bascoda the Djinn actually looks like. He is a changeable fellow, so who knows what the illustrator will come up with.

So, Congratulations to me on my first book (little, skinny book, but it's a book damnit!).

The timeframe for it to come out is September/October. These things take time and I'll probably die of anticipation in the meantime.



    Well done, love!


  2. Thanks, M.E.

    It is a pretty neat thing. Of course, I'm not jumping directly to the NY Times best seller list. Matter of fact, I'll probably buy most of the copies myself or browbeat friends into buying it.