Sunday, December 03, 2006

Making Things Worse

So, I switched to the Googlized version of blogger, downloaded IE7, and lovingly updated my webpage, MySpace page, Author's Den, etc.

IE7 seems to not allow any cookies set so I have to enter my (various) passwords everywhere new. This is highly annoying. I keep messing with the security settings so the Remember Me checkbox actually remembers me.

The new blogger from Google doesn't seem to be any kind of improvement. But, guess what? You can't go home again.

Clearwire, my ISP, seems to have lost my webpage. I put in a problem report asking if it was just my page or was there a problem with their web server. I got a note back from them that said "We cannot troubleshoot this type of problem." Plus a bunch of other stuff about calling their customer service lines. That would be fine except this is what will happen:
Me: My webpage seems to have disappeared and I can't log into the WebsiteOS to check it.
Them: Is your computer plugged in?
Me: Obviously. I wish you'd just take a look and see if my webpage is anywhere on the server.
Them: Have you installed any new hardware lately?
Me: No, that's not the problem.
Them: ((( other stupid comments which waste their time and mine until I can convince them to simply check )))

Here's the fun part. I googled and found some other folks' websites on the same server as mine. Many of those websites are also MIA. So, it's not just my site. The question comes to mind: Why don't they know their server is eating people's websites? Why do they fail to mention to their customers that they've bombed bigtime and are working on the problem?

So, that's my gripe for today.

Please check my existing websites for information on my writings. In particular, go buy my new book, "Cadida and the Djinn," from Genre Mall.

I would have made that a pretty link, but google's version of blogger doesn't want to supply any of the nice features like adding pictures, building links, making text colored. So, screw them, too.

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  1. Weird. CoverVan's got the beta blogger version and his works fine, yet you and Steve G are having problems. Maybe it's the swapping from Blogger to Beta that causes it, as having a brand new beta blog is ok.

    Uh! Why can't things just be left as they are?