Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Retrospective

This was an excellent year for writing production. Not so great for acceptances. Thing is, I changed my focus from short stories to books. Much slower to sell (or next to impossible).

I only have one published short story (well, almost published). It will be on the Stories for Children website in January. Titled "Lemons."

I did hear from J that Wondrous Web Worlds 8 is being put together. My story, "Final Exam," will be included in the anthology. Originally published in The Fifth Di... I took this story and another with the same main character and expanded it into a book titled "First Duty" which was published by Sam's Dot Publishing in June. It's available at The Genre Mall.

Also from Sam's Dot, my Aladdinesque tales of a girl and her genie is just about to hit the streets. Titled "The Seven Adventures of Cadida," it will be available soon from The Genre Mall. Link coming soon. The first two stories are available as chapbooks at The Genre Mall.

Otherwise, I sent a ton of queries to agents for the first two books in a series I'm writing. The series is titled "The Witches of Galdorheim." Book 1: Bad Spelling and Book 2: Midnight Oil. I have a couple of fulls out to agents and crossing fingers to get some positive responses.

And, I'm shopping another YA fantasy titled "Quest for the Simurgh" to publishers. Slow going to get responses from publishers. All I can do is twiddle thumbs and wait.

The upshot? Lots of words written, reviewed, and edited. Very few submissions accepted. Maybe I should go back to short stories. I sold a lot of those.

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