Monday, October 26, 2009

Operation Ebook Drop

Now has a nice logo! >>>>>>

If you don't know about this program, check the Smashwords link that explains what it's all about.

The nutshell is that authors can make their ebooks available free to overseas service people either by sending them a Kindle-loving file (MOBI) or providing a link to the ebook with a coupon that provides a free download.
Check the Smashwords blog post that provides a rundown on how this works. Cool logo, eh?


  1. I just joined OED as Smashwords author Monday night and already the response has been tremendous. I know it's supposed to be a gift and blessing for our soldiers, but quite honestly, I get so much joy out of it, I'm not sure it's even fair!

    Magnolia Belle

  2. Welcome aboard, Belle. It is really neat. I get a kick everytime I make a "sale" although I don't get a penny out of it.