Thursday, May 13, 2010


You've all heard of Tweeting. Most likely, you're a tweeter. I enjoy reading tweets as long as they are substantive. That is, I am interested if you've got publishing industry news, your books has just come out, someone posted a great review, or even how you're progressing on your WIP.

However, I don't care if you just got a skinny mocha supreme at Starbuck's or your cat has just hacked up a hairball on your bed.

Then there's chirping. Not heard of it? That's 'cause I just made it up (probably others have, too, but I haven't seen it). It takes the form of unremitting cheerfulness. I could blog every day if I had a yen to show the sunny side up constantly. If I write blogs about how I feel, then they are not going to be chirpy. I'll leave that to the bloggers who can keep that smile up like a Miss America contestant.

I'll just stick to the boring news, review, and any other 'ews. Mostly, the latter I suppose.


  1. I hereby chirp THREE DAYS!!!

    (extra exclamations necessary)


  2. I'm in total agreement, Marva