Monday, June 21, 2010

First Duty Now on Smashwords

Finally! The YA science fiction saga of Nyra Hutchings, a woman torn between family and duty, is now available as an ebook. It's on Smashwords in a variety of e-formats. Kindle setup is complete and in the last stages of Amazon approval. The print edition is working its way through the system. I've ordered copies from CreateSpace so I'll have them for:

Art and the Vineyard, July 2-4. I'll be at the Author Table on 7/4 between 11:30 and 5:30.

Print is already available at CreateSpace. I'm going to make one last little change to the copyright page. I want to make sure proper credit is given for the portion of space I'm using created by Burning Liquid at Deviant Art. Very cool space art available for screen savers. I'm using the art under Creative Commons licensing. I sure hope I'm doing it right (credits and website applied) since I have no intention of stepping on anybody's copyright. If I'm out of line :( I'll have to find new cover art. I hope I'm good with my credits because I LOVE the cover!

NOTE: The adult version of First Duty, Ultimate Duty, will be released from Eternal Press in the near future.

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