Saturday, August 07, 2010

Amazon Roulette

Setting a retail price on Amazon for your Kindle books is kind of fun since it takes you off to a Vegas-style mindset. It's like roulette. Round and round it goes, where it stops....

Anyway, Amazon has decided in its infinite wisdom to require ebook book sellers to set the minimum price to $2.99 if said seller wishes to take advantage of the 70% royalty. It's a some-do, some-don't thing.

What I've found is that $2.99 isn't always $2.99. What does 'is' mean? I reset my prices to be in line with the big dudes (publishers), but at the minimum possible price. Would I like to make a 70% royalty or a 35% royalty? Duh. What would you say?

However, the $2.99 is only a suggested retail price. Amazon decides some discount or other over which the author has zippity-doo-dah say.

Here are my prices after the Amazon roulette wheel has spun. I've set all these prices to $2.99.

Eagle Quest $.99: Huge discount! What do they know? Definitely a loss leader.

Quest for the Simurgh $1.79. This price is probably based on the B&N price.

Tales of a Texas Boy $1.99. Generous of Amazon. Is this a price that'll sell?

First Duty $2.99 Must have them confused here. No discount!?!?! Hey, Amazon! Discount this book! Maybe it's just too damned good to discount. Better buy it before I raise the price to $9.99. That's what you'll pay for the BIG PUBLISHER books.

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