Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SciFi Romance and Series

Having just finished the SFR blog tour (fun times!), I'm thinking about continuing Remy's story. I don't want to give away the ending, but more than one reader has asked for a sequel.

I kind of want to, but also hesitate because of MBS (multiple book syndrome). Some writers are madly successful with continuations of not only one, but even several series. Linnea Sinclair is an excellent, and recent, example of that. She has more than one SFR series going. I'm sure you can look them up.

Another successful series in the news is the continuation (finale?) of The Hunger Games  series with publication of "Mockingjay."

What do you say? Are you a series writer? What's the genre? How did you decide to continue with same characters?

My inquiring mind wants to know.


  1. Hmmm...interesting. I haven't thought about writing a series, but it might be because the right idea hasn't come along.

    If you can develop a strong plot line through several books, you should go for it. I do have a fondness for series as a reader.

  2. I wonder if you start with a series in mind or do you just write the first book and if you haven't killed your protag, you might think that a sequel would be in order.

  3. I wrote a series kind of by accident. First book was supposed to be a stand-alone, but when it was over, I just kept writing and writing ...

    Of course, gotta sell book #1 for the other two to ever see the light of day!

  4. I enjoy writing series, just because there is greater room for character progression and plot twists. Writing a series can be tricky, as one must find a balance between necessary plot dumps and progressing the story in a timely and nonredundant manner. I personally find all of that "puzzle-piecing" to be very rewarding. ;-)

    If you have readers asking for a sequel, I say go for it.

  5. As Dianne points out, series may start as single books, then grow like Topsy into something more.

    Lisa, you seem to have more method to your madness. That is, you plan out a potential sequel when starting a new book. Is that true?

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