Sunday, January 16, 2011

Preditor/Editor Polls Now Open

The Preditors and Editors polls for best novels/stories/groups/etc. are open now. If you haven't voted yet, I'll hold up my campaign sign here to ask that you vote for one or more of my works. Here we go:

Ultimate Duty

First Duty

Quest for the Simurgh

Poor Little Rich Girl

The works are listed alphabetically. If you voted before crashed earlier this month, your vote might have been lost. If you revote, it just counts the last thing you voted for, so no problems.

If you've voted for someone else, that's great too. All the writers need your support.


  1. Done!

    I would really appreciate your vote in the erotica category:

  2. Already voted for you, Lisa.

    I always vote for books I've read when I can.