Tuesday, March 08, 2011

See Inside Feature at B&N

I'm not sure how long this has been around, but I just discovered that I could upload the interior PDF and cover files for my print books on Barnes & Noble. I uploaded five of my books a couple of weeks ago. It took some time, but all five now have a similar feature to the Amazon feature.

If you are a self-pubber, you need to learn how to maximize your visibility (okay, so I'm hardly a marketing whiz) on the major on-line distributors. A big part of this is giving potential buyers the ability to read a few pages first.

Kindle and Nook were created with the feature built-in from day one. You can download samples of ebooks before buying.

I have found this to be an essential tool when I'm deciding where to put my money for reading material.

I started a thread in the Kindle forums asking authors to post their 99 cent Kindle books (not romance). A bit into the thread I volunteered to download samples and write evaluations. I've done a bunch of them and found several wonderful books for less than a buck.

Click here if you'd like to check in on the thread where I shred ebook samples. My evaluations start near the bottom of the first page.

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