Friday, March 18, 2011

What I Did On My Vacation

I spent the week with my good buddy Liz in Las Vegas. We didn't think about the co-incidence of St. Paddy's Day with College Spring Break. Roving herds of college boys jamming the streets drinking green beer in yard-long plastic containers. Woo and hoo. Next time we Vegas, I'll check the calendar. I really do prefer being able to walk down Las Vegas Blvd. without being stepped on.

We did manage to see four shows, all good. Those 1/2 price tickets places cause less sticker shock. No, we didn't bother with Celine. Wait, we did see Celine, but she was a he and more than fabulous. Most fun show for me was DIVAS at the Imperial Palace. Since we were staying there, we got a coupon, so we went for the VIP seats and got a good spot down front.

The guys were absolutely marvalous! (yes, that's misspelled on purpose). The impersonators are very talented, and we had a great time.

Funniest show ever was "Menopause the Musical." I didn't think I'd care for it (being in the bracket of those who are being parodied), but I laughed more than I have in a long time...maybe ever. Bring kleenex to mop the tears running down your face from laughing your ass off. Huge fun for male or female, in the change or not.

"Matsuri" was also a great bargain for a very entertaining show featuring a troupe of Japanese (and other Asians too most likely). The guy with the yoyo was da bomb.

"Improv" was fine as a twofer special. I would have been disappointed at full price, but there's a reason coupons are available. The show featured two stand-up comedians and a comic host. I can't remember the names, but it's no matter since the comics change regularly. It's fun to see a good stand-up. The PR-Irish lady was hilarious, the black guy not bad (some jokes went over my head), and the hostess was a little too chirpy for my taste.

Be warned that drinks cost a freaking fortune at any of the shows. Consider going dry while in the theatre and be happy you saved $11 or $12 off the ticket price by teetotalling.

Liz had the decent pic-taking camera, so I'll have to wait to post photos until she sends some.

A good time had, much money spent, hot weather appreciated, glad to be home even if hubby didn't go grocery shopping like he should have. No food in the house. Bah!

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