Friday, August 05, 2011

Additional Buy Sites Appearing

I just flew to Germany and Great Britain to drop off a copy of the "Missing, Assumed Dead" book trailer. I was pleased that both Amazon sites are carrying my book. So, if you're a Brit or German, you can buy my books (along with the other MuseItUp) authors at the non-USA sites.

Authors, if you have a book trailer, be sure to upload it to your Amazon Author page. You can also post it as a review on your book's product page. So far, no Amazon has refused my review if it just has the book trailer.

I also found Missing for sale at All Romance Ebooks. They have an excellent price, by the way. While my publisher and I make a bit more if you buy direct from the publisher's bookstore, we don't mind if you save a little money purchasing elsewhere.

A.M. Roelke hasn't updated her blog with the announcement of my book release. Maybe I have the wrong blog link? Anyway, S**t happens, so I hope you'll just visit any of the lovely blogs listed in the right-hand column >>>>> or in an earlier post on this blog.

Remember to leave comments everywhere. There are prizes to be won!

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