Tuesday, November 01, 2011

What's New in November?

November 3rd, my guest will be Ardyth DeBruyn. I met Ardyth on Critique Circle and we cross-critted our YA fantasies. She's releasing a hilarious take on wizard schools with "A School for Villains." Her brother created some striking interior illustrations along with a cool cover.

Larion Wells will be stopping by the 16th with a Q&A on the release of her new book, "Chase." I'm looking forward to finding out more.

Adrian Ryan is hosting alphabet authors throughout November and December. I'll be on her blog when she reaches the "D"s.

November 8th, Teen Word Factory hosts a promo for Bad Spelling.

November is all about food and good books on JQ Rose's blog. Look for a recipe and an excerpt from my murder mystery, "Missing, Assumed Dead," on November 9th.

November 11th: My book trailer for "Bad Spelling" is featured on You Gotta Read Videos.

Barbara Ehrentreu stops by on the 14th to discuss how to write about teen physical problems without getting too clinical.
Melissa Aires visits on the 15th with the lowdown on her new Steampunk offering, "Starlander's Myth."

CHANGED TO DECEMBER 2ND. On the 18th, Penny Ehrenkranz will be my guest for the release of two new books (she's a busy gal): "Lady in Waiting" and "Mirror, Mirror."

I talk about writing a fantasy series on Lindsay Below's blog on the 25th.

There's more in the planning stages, so drop in often to see what's going on.

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