Sunday, February 19, 2012

February Promo 3 - Free Books on Amazon

Today's free book on Amazon is a collection of short stories previously published in on-line ezines. Some publisher thought each one worthy of inclusion on their zines. Well, almost all. I added a few drabbles to spice it up. Click on the link today or tomorrow for a free Kindle ebook.

February 19th-20th: Mixed Bag

Don't miss out on the deal.

About Mixed Bag

A little science fiction, a bit of fantasy, plenty of humor, and some really shocking horror. These are tales to suit any mood. All stories in this book were previously published in on-line or print publications. I am re-issuing the stories since an editor somewhere liked them enough to publish them in the first place.

Fish Story - Science Fiction
The Vision - Paranormal/Horror
Chilpequin 22 Miles - Fantasy/Humor
Heather's Pain - Suspense
The Delegate - Science Fiction
The Country Faire - Literary Horror
If You Could See Her - Romance
Cursed Valley - Fantasy
Big Bessie's Place - Humor
The Hunter - Horror
A Visit to Potter's Field - Fantasy/Humor
Extraordinary Rendition - Literary Realism
Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo - Alternate History
A Grab Bag of Drabbles

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