Friday, February 17, 2012

Kindlegraph Available

Want to get you Kindle book signed? Huh? Sign an electronic book? That's not possible, right?

Well, it is sort of possible. Kindlegraph is a service authors can add their ebooks. If somebody reads the ebook (or you don't even have to buy one), you can get a personalized signing. I won't say signature because it's not the author's real signature unless they have a very steady hand with a mouse or use some kind of stylus device.

Anyway, if you buy any of my books, I can "sign" it for you through Kindlegraph. Go to the site and find the author/book you want signed. The application signals the author they have a signature to produce. The author pops over and writes a personal note to the requester. The reader then receives a Kindle file (under Docs) with the book cover and the personalized note. It's really not all that hard. Here's my Siggy Link if you want my note and dummy signature to be delivered to your Kindle device. It's not actually IN the book, but you can keep them for whatever fannish reason you have. I would like the service to let the author upload a real signature (my writing isn't as nice as shown below), but I guess that could be used to forge checks or something. Click on the box to go to my Signature page.

Another "for what it's worth" is my actual signature which I scanned and put into a file. I guess you can kind of read it. Don't both to grab it for forgeries. I don't have any money to steal.

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