Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Website (Redux)

The situation with my domain name is yet to be resolved. Not only that, it is deteriorating. I used to have a link to a page that told people to go to my new site. Now that is gone for reasons I can only wonder about. If anybody can tell me how to change the CNAME and other records for my domain (currently possessed by Melbourne IT), please help me out. Nothing I do seems to work. I cannot make my precious, unique domain name send a reader off to my new pages. Given that, I may never see my domain again.

Please click on my new website's URL to give it a Google boost. Right now, my old website bombs if anybody tries to get to it via (my bought twice and paid for, yet useless domain). Color me LIVID! Click the following instead:

I got most of the information about my books and such moved to the free Google site. Microsoft screwed me over well and truly. And I'm well and truly pissed off.

I did make a new book cover for "Quest for the Simurgh." It will remain an Indie title. I just wanted to feature the cool, old Arabic text on Simurghs. That's really what a Simurgh is supposed to look like.

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