Sunday, March 04, 2012

Smashwords Promo Week Sale

Hie thee to Smashwords to find discounted books everywhere! From March 4th through 10th, "Read an Ebook Week" is going on. I'm going in whole hog with all five of my books offered for $0.00.

For free books, use coupon code RE100 at checkout. The sale is sitewide. You'll find lots of bargains for 75% (REW75), 50% (REW50), or 25% (REW25) off the list price. But you'll have to find those other books on your own. You can locate all my books at these links:

Eagle Quest
A Native American boy searches for his roots through a vision quest.

First Duty
Nyra must choose between sworn duty or family when long-held secrets are revealed.

Mixed Bag II: Supersized
25 short stories and a few drabbles. SF/F/H/R/Lit. Something for everyone.

Quest for the Simurgh
Four students search for their kidnapped teacher and find themselves in a battle between good and evil.

Tales of a Texas Boy
Little Eddie spins his tales about growing up in West Texas during the Depression, but he always has a humorous take on life.

Eagle QuestFirst Duty CoverMixedBag IIQuest for the SimurghTales of a Texas Boy

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