Thursday, March 08, 2012

What I'm Talking About

Yesterday I opined on self-publishing as not only a viable alternative to traditional publishing, but also as a better choice in many ways. My discussion was based on my recent upgrades to one of my self-published books. I managed improvements and modifications which would not have been possible with a traditional publisher. I redesigned my cover, edited my manuscript (will I ever get all the typos?), made a book trailer based on my new cover, and made my ebook editions free on Smashwords.

Agent/Publisher: No changes, same old cover, no additional edits, no coupons or free copies.
Self-publishing: Able to change at will, redesign covers, edit the ms, and offer freebie coupons.

I am not going to diss traditional publishing since I also have a dandy publisher who will be the first choice recipient of my future work. I like the relationship I have with MuseItUp. Traditional publishing is like a marriage complete with vows, expectations of fidelity, and hopefully a life-long commitment. Self-publishing is the freedom to date whom I please, toss him out if he's boring, pick up something spiffy and new as I choose. Hmm. Both ways are tempting.

Anyway, here's the book trailer for the refurbished "First Duty."

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