Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Co-Writing a Series

From Edith Parzefall's blog on the Higher Ground Series:

While the mothers slept, their first baby was born:

Canada-based Double Dragon Publishing released the first book in the Higher Ground series: Wind Over Troubled Waters, on April 24th, at night in Europe.

Francene Stanley lives in England, Edith Parzefall in Germany. Edith claims she woke with cramps around two in the morning and feels sure that must have been the time when Wind Over Troubled Waters went online on Double Dragon's website [] and [].

Wind Over Troubled Waters
by Edith Parzefall and Francene Stanley
from Double Dragon Press

Corn World. Britland. After the great flood, only memories, debris and derelict buildings speak of a past civilization. Visions of these disturbing times haunt Cerridwen's dreams. When her dying mother sends Cerridwen to find a mural in Saint Eyes and lead Britland into a better future, the young healer has little choice but to set out on a life-changing quest. Her ability to perceive auras convinces her to accept nature-attuned Trevly's offer of protection.

Bent on adventure and enthralled by the promise of treasure, beautiful Sasha, cunning Aron and uncut Boris join forces to get the most out of life. Their selfish plans collide with Cerridwen's when they learn about a powerful ring and a mural pointing the way to its location.

Note: Edith is hosting me in May for my MG/YA fantasy book. Her books don't fit into the MG/YA category, so I asked her to send me information about her latest release. It happens to be from Double Dragon Press and is hot off the presses.


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  2. his post is so good of you, Marva. Let me tell you something about my writing partner you might not know. Edith is tireless and inspired. She led me a merry dance while we created this series of books, while I plodded along after her, trying to catch up. I don't know a better person.


  3. Francene, you had me scared for a moment. Thought you might publish my darkest secrets here. :-) Instead I'm blushing now. I'm very happy you lured me into this project.

    Hey, Marva, when Francene writes she plodded after me, that means she cracked the whip. :-) Thanks so much for featuring us and our first release on your blog!

  4. Thank you both for letting me have the breaking news on your book. We were all waiting for the cover. Looks like it's a good one.