Wednesday, May 02, 2012

H.M. Prévost is on Fire!

Helene interviews me on her blog about the Witches of Galdorheim series.

* * * Here's Hélène Prévost * * *

H.M. Prévost is a writer, photographer, teacher and avid reader of YA fiction. Thrillers, fantasy and paranormal romances (that’s right, pretty much anything with a vampire in it!) are her favorite genres. She also loves to paint and has covered her house with murals. For many years, she worked abroad in the United Arab Emirates, which provided an exotic setting for her debut YA thriller, Desert Fire. She lives in Québec with her husband, two rambunctious daughters, and Ginger the cat.


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Nick stared at the mini-CD. It gleamed under the streetlights. Only the dying American pilot could have slipped it into his pocket. . . .
After running to the scene of a plane crash in Abu Dhabi, Nick Chevalier stumbles across classified military secrets. And an unknown terrorist will stop at nothing to get them. As Nick investigates the cover-up behind the downed plane, he crosses paths with an agent from a covert espionage agency and makes the leap from high school senior to teen spy. But he realizes too late that he put more than his own life at risk—his mother and sister are also in danger. Does he have what it takes to outwit a terrorist who wants him dead and save the two people he loves?

Interview with Nick Chevalier, the 17-year-old hero of Desert Fire, a YA thriller.

Q: Nick, you go through a lot during this adventure. You get fired at by a rocket launcher, your car rolls down down a mountain—with you still in it!—and you have to swim a few miles to shore after being thrown from a helicopter over the Persian Gulf. How did you manage to survive?

A: By using my wits. And there was a whole lot of luck involved too. And I can’t forget my great friends, Faris and Mohammed Al Muhairbi. We’ve been through so much we’re like brothers now.

Q: How did this adventure start?

A: Quite innocently. I just arrived in Abu Dhabi—that’s close to Dubai—with my mother and sister. When we were looking at an apartment late one night, I saw this plane crash into the desert. I ran to investigate, and that’s when I met Mohammed and Faris. The next thing I know, we’re at the site, and the pilot dies right in front of our eyes. But before dying, he put this CD in my pocket.

Q: What was on the CD?

Military secrets. At first I didn’t know what was on there because everything was encrypted. In some ways, I wish we’d never been able to crack the code, because that’s when the real trouble started. A terrorist went after my family. My Mom and sister were kidnapped. At that point, I knew I it was personal and I had to get involved. I’d always wanted to be an investigative reporter, so I figured here was the time to make use of my investigative skills.

Q: Was it more challenging than you thought?

Yeah. I almost got killed. More than once. It’s a good thing Faris and Mohamed were there to save my neck. I met a few other people who helped me out, like Angel, an agent for a Canadian espionage agency. And there was this cute Sheikha I had a thing for. She was awesome.

Q: Can you tell us more about your ordeal?
If you want to know more, you’ll have to read the book!


  1. Thanks for stopping in, Nick. I just got my copy of Desert Fire yesterday. Really great deals now at MuseItUp Publishing. Look at the Specials for many YA books marked down just for the Summer Teen Reading Party.

  2. Read this when it first came out! A really good story!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl! The sequel is coming out in December.

  4. Delightful and fascinating interview, and the cover alone gave me shivers! Want to read! Will read!