Saturday, April 27, 2013

Introducing Neisha of Dragon Ice

Today, Sue Perkins is joining me to let you get to know her character, Neisha, from the third book in her Dragon series, DRAGON ICE.

by Sue Perkins

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Neisha meets Tane in her dreams but finds out he is real when he travels north to rescue her people from the ice dragons. Unfortunately he is injured on the journey and finishes it trapped in the humans' underground home. A discovery regarding the ice dragons requires Tane to mediate between the northern and southern dragons and arrange the possible release of the humans. The weather turns to an icy cold winter while Neisha and Tane grow closer together. Will the humans be able to leave their underground home when the warmer weather arrives, and will they all to leave?

Thank you Marva for inviting me to your blog. I've brought Neisha with me to talk about her life in the frozen north of her planet.

Sue:  Hi Neisha thank you for visiting Marva's blog with me.

Neisha:  Please don't leave me, Sue. This is all so strange to me.

Sue:  Take a deep breath, Neisha. I'll be with you all the time. Can you tell the readers about your home.

Neisha:  My people live in underground caves, partly due to the coldness above ground. We wouldn't survive for long on the surface. It's covered in several feet of snow all the year round. The other reason is the silver dragons.

Sue:  Do you mean you never go above ground?

Neisha: No, the hunting parties go up in the warmer months to hunt the animals that live on the surface, and I occasionally go up to watch the lights in the sky. They have such wonderful colours and the dragons often dance in and out of them. It's so beautiful.

Sue:  You mentioned dragons. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Neisha:  Perhaps I'd better start at the beginning. One hundred years ago my ancestors crash landed on the plateau on the surface. They salvaged what they could from their spaceship and searched for a way to a warmer place where they could farm and settle. When they did find the pass off the plateau the colder weather had arrived so they wintered in the underground caves. When spring came they emerged only to find the silver dragons wouldn't let them through the pass.

Sue:  So your people have lived underground for one hundred years?

Neisha:  Yes. We've tried to find a way off the plateau either on the surface or through the caves, but the only way out is through the pass. The trouble is we're running out of space as our population grows. In another generation there will be too many people for the available space. Plus our underground food caves won't be able to sustain us.

Sue:  Is there no hope of escaping?

Neisha:  No - well, maybe. I've been dreaming about a man who says he's coming to rescue us. His name is Tane and he is determined to set my people free. I don't know if it's a dream or he is actually visiting me when I'm asleep. If he's for real and he's coming to rescue us, I'm afraid he'll end up trapped in the caves with us.

Sue: I hope he is real and manages to get through. A fresh view of your situation might help you come up with an answer to your problem.

Neisha: I'm sorry but this strange place is really getting to me. Do you mind if we leave now?

Sue:  That's fine. Hold my hand and I'll take you home. 'Bye Marva.

* * *

Thanks for introducing us to Neisha. Sue would also like my readers to know she'll be giving away a free copy of Dragon Ice to a randomly selected commenter. Please leave sufficient info for contact.

* * * About Sue * * *

Hi, I'm Sue and I grew up in Devon, England. My husband and I spent some years travelling the world before starting a family. In 1986 we emigrated to New Zealand and subsequently became New Zealand citizens. My children are now the world travellers while my husband and I live on a 3 acre property at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. My interests include writing, reading, genealogy and Zumba.



  1. Neisha certainly lives in an exotic location! And a dangerous one. I hope Tane can help her and her people. Congrats on your latest release, Sue!

  2. Thank you for inviting Neisha and me to you blog Marva. We ha a really good time

  3. Thanks for writing a cool interview style for Neisha. I always love to have you come visit, Sue.

  4. **Added by Marva for Wendy**

    Hi Sue,
    Blogger won't let me in to leave a comment. It's been playing up with my blog too. I'll come back later and try again. Neisha's plight sure is an unusual one. Better her than me. :)

    Sounds like an exciting new release. Congratulations

  5. Hi Sue, I liked the interview with Neisha and look forward to reading about her in Ice Dragon.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  6. Thank you for filling in for me Marva. Dear Neisha, I feel for you in your confined environment and really, really hope your author, Sue Perkins, will write you out of your predicament and allow you to dwell on the surface eventually. If not in this book, then in a future one. Good luck with Tane. I hope he has success with mediating with the dragons.