Sunday, April 21, 2013

REVIEWS! A Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Struiff

NOTE: I posted this review last year for the ebook. The print version is now available.

A Heap of TroubleA Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Unites-Struiff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everybody in town respects and likes Sheriff Cole Walker. He does a good job keeping the peace in the little Kansas town.

Things are going along pretty easy until three things happen: Mattie Wells moves to town, rustlers start snagging JJ's cattle, and a ringtail monkey decides Cole is his BFF. After all that, well, Cole's in for a heap of trouble.

This is a funny tale of a mixed up lawman. He's fallen for Mattie, can't get rid of the monkey, and the rustlers elude his every attempt to track them down. Throughout this tale, you're laughing at the monkey's antics. But you're also wondering, along with Cole, why Mattie says she likes him, then blows him off. And just who is stealing the cattle?

Lorrie Unites-Struiff has a knack for putting together humor, romance, and danger into a solid tale of the west. Don't think you like westerns? Think again. You'll definitely enjoy this book. I did.

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