Sunday, June 02, 2013

Dad Boles and Sophie - Tales of a Texas Boy


Dad Boles and Sophie

During the 1930’s in the rural region of West Texas, working was just about all people had time to do. However, even without television or access to movie houses, there was still some entertainment for the masses. The county fair became a yearly highlight for the farm families. Sometimes, the entertainment wasn’t inside the gate to the fair, but outside where a few folks who were just a bit different set up their own type of show.

IT WAS SUMMER again and the carnival would be here in a week. That’s about the most exciting event of the year, except maybe the roundup and branding. I surely was looking forward to the cotton candy and riding the Ferris wheel. Beins I’m a kid, a carnival was pretty interesting, but I looked forward to it most ‘cause that’s when Dad Boles came to town.

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