Sunday, January 26, 2014

How About That?

I wasn't expecting the audio book of "Missing, Assumed Dead" to appear for another couple of weeks. surprised me with a record-setting three days from final OK to distribution to Audible and Amazon.

Amazon offers a discounted price ($13.08) if you purchase from their store. It just sends you to Audible anyway.

Audible has the higher price ($14.95), but "Missing" can be your book of the month if you're a member or you can get it free if you sign up to be a member. That's what I made my hubby do. He got two book by signing up.

iTunes is also carrying Missing, and is the only place that understands the ebook and the audio book are related.

So, what are you waiting for? Oh, right! You're waiting for those freebie promo coupons. Well, I have NO idea when those will show up. So, go ahead buy the book. The freebie promo coupon gives you a book credit with which you can purchase another book. Either way, you'll get something free.

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