Friday, January 24, 2014

What Next?

I've got a few books in the published column. I'm pondering which to put up to the audio market next.

My murder mystery, "Missing, Assumed Dead," is already recorded and waiting for the final polishing by ACX, the audio book publishing arm of Amazon. Scroll to the bottom of this post to listen to the first chapter, ably and excellently narrated by Lisa Baarns. It'll be out in a couple of weeks. Already in distribution, TALES OF A TEXAS BOY is a set of home-grown, simple stories told by Eddie, a boy growing up in West Texas during the Great Depression.

Here are my choices for next book to go to audio. What do you think?

Witches of Galdorheim Series: The three books in the series follow the adventures of a teen witch, Katrina, who can't quite get her magic working right. BAD SPELLING, MIDNIGHT OIL, and SCOTCH BROOM. If I start with these, I'll have a three-book set of audio adventures.

Ultimate Duty: There's a smaller, earlier version of this book titled "First Duty." I could send FIRST DUTY to the audio machine, but ULTIMATE DUTY has a lot more to it. Same plot, but with a lot more action and depth of plot. The sticking point is getting the current publisher to relinquish the audio rights to the book. Two emails and a PM in G+ later, I've yet to receive an answer. Should I consider no answer to be consent by default?

Setara's Genie: Formerly published in a couple of formats, SETARA'S GENIE is the first of my middle-eastern mythology books. It stars Setara, a poor little rich girl looking for adventure. She finds it in spades when she becomes the mistress (master?) of Basit, a genie who isn't necessarily cooperative when he needs to be.

Faizah's Destiny: In the same general fantasy world, FAIZAH'S DESTINY shows the strength of a simple farm girl chosen to lead the battle against the forces of evil. Her army? A slave, a beggar, a lonely rich boy, and a strange little man named Menog. Can they avert Armageddon?

Eagle Quest: Four teens journey to the wilderness of the Klamath Wildlife Preserves to aid one of their members, a native american boy, in his search for his roots in a vision quest. In the Bear Valley Preserve, the EAGLE QUEST leads the teens into danger and enlightenment.

Read any of these books? If so, do you have a favorite you'd like to hear in audio format next? Let me know.

Here's Chapter One from the audio book, MISSING, ASSUMED DEAD.

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