Sunday, March 16, 2014

Audience Share

I host quite a few writers on this blog. I sometimes (constantly) wonder how some of them can get hundreds of hits and lots of comments, while my own brilliant and delightful posts get crickets.

Here's the deal. PLEASE tell me (and anybody else who happens by here) what you're doing to get all the traffic to your posts. It's sure as heck not my blog they're visiting, but YOUR post. Does that traffic and interest result in sales? Inquiring minds want to know.

You know who you are. You visited here and got a ton of hits and lots of comments. What did you do to make that happen?

Some of us really would like to know.

Here's a nice picture for the post display. It will be Saint Patrick's Day tomorrow, so I suppose a Leprechaun or some other Irish St. Pat's pic should be used, but I'll show you something much cooler than a cartoon character. An ancient Irish castle gives me pause as I think of the history weighing so wondrously on us all.


  1. I get a consistent number of blog views even when I haven't posted in a long time. People seem attracted to my book reviews especially, and my posts on beginning conlanging. But I get very few comments and I've been told it's because people have trouble commenting on Blogger blogs, like yours and mine. I even wrote a post on the subject. When I'm featured on somebody else's blog, it may result in a some nice comments, a few views of my blog and maybe some Smashwords samples, but unfortunately I rarely get a big uptick in sales. What are we doing wrong, Marva? LOL Why haven't we built a bigger following?

  2. Meant to add - love the Irish castle!

  3. I'm not exactly overburdened with followers either. Or sales. Why? Who knows? Maybe my introvert personality comes out online, too. And I know I'm not in tune with the viewing public because, what I think will be popular and/or helpful often gets little or no attention, whereas something I posted that didn't seem all that interesting gets way more hits, even months after it was put up. But that's just me complaining about the same problem. What's required are comments from people who are doing it right. Come on, let's hear from you lot. What do we do?