Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rustling Up (FREE) Love!

A Special Note from Cole Walker - Hero of Rustling Up Love

Howdy, Marva, *doffs Stetson*  thanks for invitin’ me to your place today.

And a big howdy to all you gals and cowpokes out there for listenin’ to me.

My name is Cole Walker, *stands strait and squares shoulders* and I’m the sheriff of Cold Creek, Kansas. A right nice friendly little town.

Sad to say I’m havin’ problems tryin’ to keep the peace ‘round here lately. What with wily rustlers stealin’ JJ’s steers. Him puttin’ the  blame on the farmers, and the mayor givin’ me and my two deputies, Wade and Sully, one more month to find them before he calls for outside help. That’ll sure for shootin’ start an all out war.

*Sighs* Then there’s Mattie Wells, the pretty little thing that came to town with her pa to run the mercantile. Every time I look at her, my stomach does funny things. But I sure don’t understand her. First she’s liken’ me, then she turns to a hard frost in a minute. Never could figure out women. I do know she’s carryin’ something heavy on her heart. Dang, I wish she’d tell me what she’s holdin’ back.

And I can’t forget my sidekick--sorta. Would you believe a ringtail monkey? Ever since he came to town, he won’t leave me. I named him Beggar. He causes me more hassle than a poke full of pigs. He’s a thief and a stubborn little thing. Has his own mind set to pulling shenanigans all over town. What’s a sheriff to do, what with all these problems? ‘Specially Mattie. I really want that gal.

What I came here for today is to get some advice from you nice ladies and gents. Maybe you all can tell me how to win Mattie’s hand. How do I get her to likin’ me? Any advice you can give me will be ‘preciated.

Thank you.

* * *
Rustling Up Love by Lorrie Unites-Struiff is free on Kindle today and tomorrow. If you like sweet love stories (with a dash of spice) and a whole lot of humor, what's not to like about FREE!

Get Rustling Up Love at Amazon July 27th and 28th.

Newly arrived Mattie Wells sure jingles Sheriff Cole Walker's spurs with just a smile. He's determined to court her and to win her hand. But Mattie hides a dark secret and refuses to marry any man. Cole pushes to pry out her reasons and change her mind while harboring a secret of his own.

To win her heart, Cole's forced to put up with an unwanted thievin' ringtail monkey who thinks Cole is his new BFF just because Mattie thinks Beggar is adorable.

Now understand, Cole is fearless--except when it comes to critters. He's been a mite nervous ever since Pa's hound dog left teeth marks on his butt when he was a little tyke.

Under pressure from the Mayor to find and arrest the cattle rustlers causing trouble between the Double J ranch and the farmers, Cole has to prevent an all out war and pry Mattie's past out of her.

Sheriff Cole chases after Mattie, who steals his heart; a gang of rustlers who steal JJ's cattle; and Beggar who steals the town folk's jewelry.

It's a thrill of a ride.

BONUS: Here's the back cover of the print book if you like that new paperback smell. Also a very reasonably priced $4.49 on Amazon.

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