Monday, August 04, 2014

Free EBook on Kobo + BONUS AUDIO BOOK

August 4th (Happy Birthday, Chris!) through August 7th, SPELLSLINGER will be free exclusively on Kobo.

Here's an added bonus. Download the ebook from Kobo, then let me know (either standalone or with a PC or Droid ereader). Your prize is a free audio book of ANY of my audio books currently offered on

Here's the list of your choice of audio books. You can click over to their respective pages to decide which one you'd like to have.

Tales of a Texas Boy
Missing, Assumed Dead
Bad Spelling
Spellslinger at


How will I know you've downloaded "Spellslinger" from Kobo? Why, you'll write me a message to my email mgdasef (AT) and include the last sentence of the Spellslinger short story. If you had previously obtained a copy of Spellslinger from some other source such as a giveaway or (heaven forbid) you actually paid 99 cents for it, you can get your freebie in the same way. Just email me with that last sentence of the short story section of the Spellslinger ebook (the first chapters of the three books in the Witches of Galdorheim series are included in the ebook).

Be sure to tell me which of the audio books you'd like to have. I'll send you your choice as a gift book from audible.

Hey, this is way easier than Rafflecopter AND you are guaranteed to win. If you have any questions, leave a comment or write to me at mgdasef (AT)

Note: (AT) in an email address means replace with @. Helps to keep spammers away.

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