Friday, August 15, 2014

Just in Case You Didn't Know

Here are my audio books with all the links. I know that often RSS feeds and blog reading apps don't get those sidebars. I've got all these on the sidebar, but it occurred to me people can't see them. I mean, they must not be able to or they'd be running over to Audible and Amazon to pick up the $1.99 bargain audio books. They'd be fools not to, right?

And one other little factoid people might not be aware of. You can get any of these books free by simply signing up for a month trial of The BEST part, in my humble opinion, is that if you select one of my books as one of the first three you take, I get a dandy bonus. That makes up for the fact you're not paying for them.

Yeah, you get hit with $14.95 to get ALL THE AUDIBLE BOOKS YOU CAN LISTEN TO each month. Now, that's a bargain. I get nothing for when you select one of my books as your freebie (be sure to grab the most expensive one), but I will get a bonus payment. So, here's what I've got and where you can get them. Forget iTunes. They don't even discount, the jerks.

NOTE: Midnight Oil is on ebook special for 99 cents this month.

Midnight Oil - Book 2 of Witches of Galdorheim
Audible Only $3.47 on Special!
Amazon Ebook only 99 cents!

Bad Spelling - Book 1 of Witches of Galdorheim
Listen to free snips on SoundCloud
Amazon Only $1.99 on Special!

Audible Only $1.99 on Special!
iTunes $14.95

Spellslinger on audio
Audible $6.08
iTunes $4.95

Tales of a Texas Boy
Amazon Only $1.99 on Special!
Audible Only $1.99 on Special!

iTunes $6.95

Missing, Assumed Dead
Audible Only $1.99 on Special!
Amazon Only $1.99 on Special!
iTunes $14.95

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