Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Visual Slideshows with Audio Excerpts

I thought it would be fun to create little mini-movies from the audio samples posted on the pages where an audio book is sold. Like the Search Inside feature, the audio sample gives you a short passage from the book to decide whether you might enjoy listening to the whole book.

The first talking slideshow I made was for "Spellslinger." As a short story, its action is more compressed than in a novel, so it was not too difficult to find some pictures fitting the narrative. You can watch the Spellslinger excerpt on YouTube here.

"Midnight Oil" is so close to retail audio release, I keep expecting it to appear any second. It might even be released by the time you read this post. It's also posted on YouTube, but I'll put it here so all you need do is click the play button. Remember, there is sound so you might want to put on your headphones.

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