Wednesday, January 07, 2015

KindleUnlimited and Coupons

Two of my books on Amazon's KindleUnlimited are leaving the program on January 13th. But why should just the KU folk get a freebie? Well, yeah, they paid their $9.99 per month. On the other hand, none of them have bothered to take advantage of it with my books, which is why the books are being removed from the KU program. Not worth my time or effort. Ragged homeless people holding signs at intersections make more than I do. Hm. What would my sign say?
Need Food
Buy My Books
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Free using KindleUnlimited until on January 13th for these two books:
Quest for the Simurgh-Faizah's Destiny
Tales of Abu Nuwas-Setara's Genie

I'm offering the same deal (free) to those who still haven't downloaded either of these books. Perhaps you just need to be encouraged. I can't restrict the offer to only those people who sign a blood oath to write a review for the books, but if you have a shred of humanity within you, a reviewing is the appropriate thank you. Miss Manners says so.

On Smashwords, coupons valid through January 13th:

Use coupon GZ88F to download Quest for the Simurgh-Faizah's Destiny free.

Use coupon DA33T to download Tales of Abu Nuwas-Setara's Genie free.


  1. LOLOL I pretty much stopped promoting my books on Dec. 18 (day of surgery) and between Dec. 19 and Jan. 5, I sold 4 copies! A set of TQ, a copy of Monster, and a copy of Labors, v.1. Go figure. I think I'll just stop promoting altogether!

  2. Keep on promoting! People are listening! Bill