Monday, June 01, 2015

Like Country Style Books?

Reading Country features books with country or western themes. The presentation of the books is outstanding. Plenty of information to choose. What with Dad's Day coming up, you can easily find a great book for your Greatest Generation Pa or Grandpa. Of course, I am featured on the site. Those of you who write country and/or western should check it out for a source of free publicity.

Reading Country, It’s All in the Name

The domain is “” The site proclaims: “This is Reading Country!” But what’s in a name? Here’s what:
Reading “Country” means reading stories about people who live “rural,” that is, people who grew up on or moved to the land–farmers, loggers, ranchers, homesteaders, plains folk, mountain men and women, even plantation owners–stories about them and their families–their sons and daughters, grand kids and great grand kids. Of course, reading “country” can also be about people who, having grown up “country,” wind up having to try to make their way “in the city.” And “Reading Country” is a place where you can find these novels, books, and stories.

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