Sunday, March 20, 2016

Review of the Week Feature

Seems like all I talk about here is my books. Just to add something new and cool, I'm featuring a Review of the Week column. It's on the right over there >>>>> Of course, you'll have to be looking at my entire blog to see it.

To kick it off, I'll post the review right here in the mainstream, then leave it on my blog sidebar for a week (or so, this isn't a precise science). I'll shoot for Sunday posting of new reviews. Since I have reviewed nearly 400 books on Goodreads, I probably won't run out of material.

Where do I get these reviews? Whenever I review a book, I post to Goodreads (as well as Amazon). Goodreads has a handy feature supplying the HTML code you can use on your blog or website. This is what it looks like, and this is the first review I'm posting to the main page AND to the sidebar. Want my review of your book given the Featurette treatment? If I reviewed your book on Goodreads, I'll be happy to make it a Review of the Week Feature.

The Call on the Dead ClubThe Call on the Dead Club by Lorrie Unites-Struiff
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Winnie, Winnie, Winnie. As clueless as you are about all things technological and culturally with it, you still manage to bumble through and do the job you so hate: Speaker for the dead. The five stories in this volume (plus a bonus story, "Splat") follow Winnie Krapski from her discovery (via lightning strike) of an ability to speak to the dead. When recruited by the Call on the Dead Club, she finds herself with a normal job. If you can call any job normal which involves granting last wishes to the just-departed.

It's all funny and cleverly put together by Winnie's alter ego, Lorrie Struiff. The great thing is that Winnie can go on for many more entertaining stories of how she finds strange and mysterious ways to grant the last wishes of the dead.

Quite entertaining. (Cool cover, too)

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  1. Well, I like it. lol. It was great fun to write. Thanks, Marva.