Sunday, May 01, 2016

May Days

My desk calendar lists lots of "special days" each month. In looking at May to find the all-important Mother's Day, I noticed some other special days in May.

May 1st - Mental Health Month
May 8th - Mother's Day (of course)
May 21st - Armed Forces Day (Go Troops!)
May 25th - National Senior Health and Fitness Day (this is a registered trademark)
May 30th - Memorial Day

They didn't mention May Day (workers solidarity), Cinco de Mayo, Kentucky Derby Day, Victoria (go Canada!), National Brother Day (hi bro!), National Burger Day, and a bunch of other days I think somebody just decided to make a Day of it.

In addition, my calendar provides the following advice in the margins:

Increase bone health with weight-bearing exercises like walk.

Osteoporosis things and weakens bones, especially in older women. For more information about prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, visit

It's nice of my health insurance company to dedicate most of this month to people just like me. Happy May to Moms, Crazy People, Seniors, and People with Osteoporosis.

I was never in the military, but my father, brother, and husband were, so my best to both active duty and veteran military.

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