Saturday, January 07, 2017

7 Come 11

That's either something to do with Craps (the game) or a mini-market for late night beer runs or the dates my short story sampler, "Fish Story," will be free for the taking on Amazon.

I've had a few short stories published as shorts. I put some of them into a collection and titled it "Mixed Bag." The three stories in the sampler are all from that collection. Some time later, I added some more of my shorts, both published and self-published, into a larger collection which I called "Mixed Bag 2: Supersized."

The sampler is free this week (January 7th through 11th) on Amazon. Go get a copy if you wish.

Here's an insider secret just for those of you who read this blog. Both "Mixed Bag" and "Mixed Bag II" are also free on Smashwords. Yes, they have prices attached to them 99 cents and $1.49), but both collections are also set to Set Your Own Price, which includes free if you want. Note that the MMII collection has some adult stories.

So, go get whichever or all of the collections from these links:

Fish Story: A Three Story Sampler free on Amazon PG

Mixed Bag on Smashwords in all ebook formats PG

Mixed Bag 2: Supersized on Smashwords in all ebook formats PG-13

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