Friday, February 16, 2018

How Much is That in Dog Years?

Chinese New Year is February 16th. The year will be represented by the Dog. Dogs are nice. Everybody likes dogs, except for cat people. No matter which (both or neither) be sure to support your local animal shelter, especially if it's no-kill.

One must remember that the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dog, symbol of intelligence and protection, can also turn the year 2018 into a sensitive period, during which activists and students, but also ordinary citizens, feeling deprived of hope and socially excluded, won't hesitate to demand radical changes to their life conditions, and to preserve the future of their children.

It is often said that the Years of the Dog are carriers of violent conflict. Actually, only the Years of the Metal Dog can be related to warlike and destructive energies, because of their reinforced metal. The next planned year of the Metal Dog is in 2030.

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