Friday, August 26, 2016

Excerpt from LEMONS - A KU/KOLL Kids Book

Over the last couple of weeks, I've featured excerpts from my books free to read for Kindle Unlimited subscribers and Kindle Owners Lending Library (for Prime subscribers).

Much to my amazement, some people have noticed and used the power of their Amazon subscriptions to take a look at my books. Thank you! What you have done by flipping through those ebook pages is allowing me to finally make a little money from NOT selling books, but by loaning them through the #KU and #KOLL programs,

Today, the excerpt is from LEMONS AND OTHER KID TALES. It contains three short stories specifically written for younger end of the reading scale. The stories all involve animals. It's a really short book and I hope folks borrow it. It does have color photo illustrations, but it's not a picture book. Here is an excerpt, complete with the photos. The excerpt is from "A Practical Cat," the last story in the book. By the way, the book is only 99 cents, so it wouldn't hurt to buy it.

A Practical Cat

Boots lay on her back, tucked between the chair arm and the Big’s leg. This was her favorite place to snuggle.

Spaghetti night was best. The Bigs ate dinner watching the loud bright square. Boots had no idea why. Still, it made it easy for Boots to slip a paw into the dish and snatch a piece of meat.

She just had to say mrrrow, and she got whatever the Bigs held in their hands. Sometimes, Boots only needed to stare at them without blinking and think hard.  The Bigs did what she thought and opened the treat box. Of course, the Bigs spoiled her since she was the most beautiful cat.

One day, Boots was sitting on the back of the couch watching a squirrel running up a tree. She thought she would like to play with the squirrel, but she couldn’t get outside. She could only look at the squirrels and birds from her place on the couch.

Boots looked at the big square showing the real outside. The Bigs never let her go through, but she decided that she could find a way. After all, Boots was the smartest cat in the world, and the most beautiful.

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