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Natalie Wright Casts Emily's Trial - The Movie

Dream Cast for Emily’s Trial

Some writers “cast” their characters before they pen the first word of their story. I didn’t search for actors or models to serve as references for my characters before I wrote Emily’s House, Book 1 of the Akasha Chronicles. But when I set out to write Book 2, Emily’s Trial, I decided to give casting my characters a shot.  

It was a lot of fun to search out real-world faces to match the characters I’d created in my mind. There aren’t any exact matches of course. But I’ve come pretty close here.

Allow me to introduce you to the cast of Emily’s Trial:

Emily Adams – played by Rachel Hurd-Wood. Emily is the main character, reluctant hero, ordinary girl with a painful past turned modern Celtic Priestess. Emily’s signature long, red hair and piercing green eyes make her a somewhat hard character to cast. Emily is beautiful but in a natural way. She doesn’t wear much makeup and tends to let her hair go au naturel. But when I came across this picture of Rachel Hurd-Wood, it was like looking at a picture of the snapshot of Emily I’ve had in my head for about five years now!

Actress Rachel Hurd-Wood

But hold on, when we cast the model to pose as Emily for the cover of Emily’s Trial, I think we found a girl that may be even more of a dead ringer for Emily than Rachel. Here’s Ashley playing Emily Adams for the cover of Emily’s Trial.

Behind the Scenes, Photo Teresa Yeh
Ashley as Emily Adams
Cover Art by Phatpuppy Art

Armed with her magical dagger and wearing the golden torc, forged long ago by faerie hands, Emily is ready to take on the forces of darkness in Emily’s Trial. But will desire tempt her to use the powerful magic entrusted to her in a forbidden way? And what will happen to her and her friends if she succumbs to the forces of temptation?

Fanny Katz – played by Allisyn Ashley Arm. Fanny is the wisecracking, loyal friend to Emily. The two friends have known each other since pre-school. Fanny has always had Emily’s back. But in Emily’s Trial, the friendship is tested. Will their bond survive the ordeal of Emily’s Trial?

Fanny’s strong, athletic and although physically small, can kick the ass of just about anybody. When I’m writing, Fanny’s voice comes out with a potty mouth! So to keep the Akasha Chronicles series YA appropriate, I’ve had to tone down her language ;-) It has been a fun challenge to try to find other ways to say her trash-mouth phrases that won’t scald the ears of parents and librarians!

I came across this picture of Allisyn Ashley Arm and couldn’t believe the resemblance to the Fanny in my mind! Just add unruly, curly hair and you’ve got Fanny.

Actress Allisyn Ashley Arm

Owen Breen – played by Ian Somerhalder. How hot does a guy have to be to get Emily to put her friendships – the most valuable thing to her – at risk? How about Ian Somerhalder hot?

Actor Ian Somerhalder

Those smoldering eyes, the full lips, the dark hair. Ian is slightly older than Owen, and Owen has dark, chocolate-brown eyes. But the swagger is all Owen. I think Ian Somerhalder could persuade me to do anything he wanted me to. Hell, I don’t think it would take much persuading!

Jake Stevens – Played by Sterling Beaumon. If you’ve read book 1, Emily’s House, then you know that Jake and Emily have been best friends since they were little kids. Jake is super-smart and as loyal as they come. What he lacks in courage, he makes up for with his calm, level-headed reason. When the shit hits the fan, and you find yourself in a big mess, Jake is the go-to guy to come up with a plan to get you out (a good thing, because Emily has a way of getting herself into lots of messes!).

Jake is what you might call a “late bloomer”. In Emily’s Trial, he’s now 16 but still waiting to “fill out” a bit. When I came across a picture of Sterling Beaumon, I thought he was perfect to play Jake. Just add glasses and you’ve got Jake Stevens.

Actor Sterling Beaumon, Photo Getty Images

Astute readers of book 1 may have guessed it, but in Emily’s Trial, it’s confirmed – Jake has been crushing on Emily - big time! But the oblivious Miss Adams hasn’t put it together. When they’re thrust into danger, will Emily start to crush on him too? And if she does, is it too late for them?

Sterling sure is aging well! Perhaps a look at Jake in the last installment of the Akasha Chronicles, Emily’s Heart, coming 2013.

Sterling Beaumon

What’s a story without some conflict – antagonists? Emily’s got plenty of antagonists in Emily’s Trial. Her old nemesis Greta Hoffman makes an appearance in Emily’s Trial.

In Emily’s House, we learned that Greta was the kind of girl that, as a child, could melt the hearts of adults with her blonde curls and large, blue eyes. Greta still uses her physical beauty and charm to get what she wants.

There are plenty of blonde-haired, blue-eyes beauties in Hollywood. But whoever plays Greta has to have something other than good looks. After all, Greta has to hold her own against Emily Adams – no wimpy, lithe runway walker will do!

Greta Hoffman – Played by AnnaSophia Robb. When I saw this picture of AnnaSophia, I thought this is Greta! I can picture her as a popular, a cheerleader, and a teacher’s favorite. But this picture also captures that side of Greta that no one knows – the secret side. There’s more to her than meets the eye. What role will she play in Emily’s Trial? And I promise you, there’s more of her to come in Book 3, Emily’s Heart.

Actress AnnaSophia Robb, Photo by Jonathan Ressler

One last character to get you in the spirit of it all. A nasty creature – sometimes I wonder where my brain comes up with this stuff! Should I be worried?!

In Emily’s Trial, Emily and crew meet perhaps the ugliest beast they’ve ever seen. What would happen if you took this . . .

And mixed it with this . . .

The mixture would turn out to look a lot like Dorcha, a strange creature that roams the Umbra Perdita.

There are other characters to meet in the pages of Emily’s Trial, but I have to leave you some surprises.

Happy reading

Author Bio
Natalie is the author of The Akasha Chronicles, a young adult fantasy trilogy. When not writing, blogging, Facebooking, Tweeting, Wattpadding or eating chocolate, Natalie nurtures her young daughter, feeds her dog too many treats, and can’t resist watching Ancient Aliens, no matter how absurd the show becomes.

Natalie enjoys travel, good wine, and excellent food shared with family and friends. She was raised an Ohio farm girl, now lives in the desert Southwest, and dreams of living in a high rise in a big city.

“Books are my friends, ideas my passion.”

Natalie enjoys chatting with readers, so stop by and say hi:

Twitter: @NatalieWright_
Facebook: NatalieWright.Author

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Introducing Neisha of Dragon Ice

Today, Sue Perkins is joining me to let you get to know her character, Neisha, from the third book in her Dragon series, DRAGON ICE.

by Sue Perkins

Buy Link: http://www.desertbreezepublishing.com/dragons-book-three-dragon-ice-epub/

Neisha meets Tane in her dreams but finds out he is real when he travels north to rescue her people from the ice dragons. Unfortunately he is injured on the journey and finishes it trapped in the humans' underground home. A discovery regarding the ice dragons requires Tane to mediate between the northern and southern dragons and arrange the possible release of the humans. The weather turns to an icy cold winter while Neisha and Tane grow closer together. Will the humans be able to leave their underground home when the warmer weather arrives, and will they all to leave?

Thank you Marva for inviting me to your blog. I've brought Neisha with me to talk about her life in the frozen north of her planet.

Sue:  Hi Neisha thank you for visiting Marva's blog with me.

Neisha:  Please don't leave me, Sue. This is all so strange to me.

Sue:  Take a deep breath, Neisha. I'll be with you all the time. Can you tell the readers about your home.

Neisha:  My people live in underground caves, partly due to the coldness above ground. We wouldn't survive for long on the surface. It's covered in several feet of snow all the year round. The other reason is the silver dragons.

Sue:  Do you mean you never go above ground?

Neisha: No, the hunting parties go up in the warmer months to hunt the animals that live on the surface, and I occasionally go up to watch the lights in the sky. They have such wonderful colours and the dragons often dance in and out of them. It's so beautiful.

Sue:  You mentioned dragons. Can you tell us a bit more about them?

Neisha:  Perhaps I'd better start at the beginning. One hundred years ago my ancestors crash landed on the plateau on the surface. They salvaged what they could from their spaceship and searched for a way to a warmer place where they could farm and settle. When they did find the pass off the plateau the colder weather had arrived so they wintered in the underground caves. When spring came they emerged only to find the silver dragons wouldn't let them through the pass.

Sue:  So your people have lived underground for one hundred years?

Neisha:  Yes. We've tried to find a way off the plateau either on the surface or through the caves, but the only way out is through the pass. The trouble is we're running out of space as our population grows. In another generation there will be too many people for the available space. Plus our underground food caves won't be able to sustain us.

Sue:  Is there no hope of escaping?

Neisha:  No - well, maybe. I've been dreaming about a man who says he's coming to rescue us. His name is Tane and he is determined to set my people free. I don't know if it's a dream or he is actually visiting me when I'm asleep. If he's for real and he's coming to rescue us, I'm afraid he'll end up trapped in the caves with us.

Sue: I hope he is real and manages to get through. A fresh view of your situation might help you come up with an answer to your problem.

Neisha: I'm sorry but this strange place is really getting to me. Do you mind if we leave now?

Sue:  That's fine. Hold my hand and I'll take you home. 'Bye Marva.

* * *

Thanks for introducing us to Neisha. Sue would also like my readers to know she'll be giving away a free copy of Dragon Ice to a randomly selected commenter. Please leave sufficient info for contact.

* * * About Sue * * *

Hi, I'm Sue and I grew up in Devon, England. My husband and I spent some years travelling the world before starting a family. In 1986 we emigrated to New Zealand and subsequently became New Zealand citizens. My children are now the world travellers while my husband and I live on a 3 acre property at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. My interests include writing, reading, genealogy and Zumba.

Webpage:  http://www.sueperkinsauthor.com
Blog:  http://sueperkinsauthor.blogspot.com

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REVIEWS! A Recipe for Disaster by Ardyth DeBruyn

A Recipe for DisasterA Recipe for Disaster by Ardyth DeBruyn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A recipe for disaster indeed.

Cal, the magician's apprentice, decides to do a little freelancing without permission. All he wants to do is take the girl of his dreams to the ball. But that requires money, lots of it.

When a stranger arrives at the magician's door asking for a disaster spell, Cal decides to take the task himself on the QT. Seems a simple thing, he thinks. Well, it doesn't go well. In fact, the results are disastrous.

This isn't just Cal's story though. It involves a prince who overeats to compensate for his overbearing mother, a princess who has zero interest in marrying the chunky prince, an adviser who thinks HE should be the next kind, and lots and lots of rats. Oh, don't forget the green goo.

This is a rollicking good fun story for anybody who likes their fantasy funny and fast. It reminds me of the Xanth books by Piers Anthony.

I recommend it, along with the rest of Ardyth DeBruyn's books. Look her up on Amazon. Her "A School for Villains" (first in a the Dark Lord's Academy series) is just as much fun. A big bonus with DeBruyn's books are the illustrations for chapter headings (as well as the covers).

Any downsides? Nope.

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REVIEWS! Wounds by Barbara Bockman

Wounds by Barbara Bockman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Craig is wounded, not just emotionally by his mother's death, but physically by a father who spiraled downhill after his wife's death.

Without an parent to guide him, Craig is torn by his own guilty conscience to the point he acts out disastrously. Nearly destroying an ancient oak tree with a chainsaw, Craig is doubly wounded. Not only by his own sad past, but the realization of his own terrible act.

So what, it's only a tree? Not so. The oak was an heirloom, having stood for centuries. The entire town pitches in to help save the damaged tree. Saving the damaged boy will be just as hard. The family who takes in the abandoned boy work hard to save both tree and boy. Craig's salvation comes from his desperate attempts to save the tree.

Bockman really knows how kids' minds work, or at least she has convinced me in this sad tale of loss, pain, and redemption.

Well done YA contemporary.

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Boo's Big Blog Hop

Penny Enhrenkranz (my wonderful line editor for all my MuseItUp books) celebrates the release of her first picture book, Boo's Bad Day. I'll be absent for a few days, but Penny will come to visit me here next month. I should hire Penny to set up blog hops for me. She certainly covers the internet! In the meantime, you can find Boo and Penny on these blogs:

5-16 http://mgddasef.blogspot.com/  (my blog right here)
5-19 OMG! A day off?????

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REVIEWS! A Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Struiff

NOTE: I posted this review last year for the ebook. The print version is now available.

A Heap of TroubleA Heap of Trouble by Lorrie Unites-Struiff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Everybody in town respects and likes Sheriff Cole Walker. He does a good job keeping the peace in the little Kansas town.

Things are going along pretty easy until three things happen: Mattie Wells moves to town, rustlers start snagging JJ's cattle, and a ringtail monkey decides Cole is his BFF. After all that, well, Cole's in for a heap of trouble.

This is a funny tale of a mixed up lawman. He's fallen for Mattie, can't get rid of the monkey, and the rustlers elude his every attempt to track them down. Throughout this tale, you're laughing at the monkey's antics. But you're also wondering, along with Cole, why Mattie says she likes him, then blows him off. And just who is stealing the cattle?

Lorrie Unites-Struiff has a knack for putting together humor, romance, and danger into a solid tale of the west. Don't think you like westerns? Think again. You'll definitely enjoy this book. I did.

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REVIEWS! Elixir Bound by Katie Carroll

Elixir BoundElixir Bound by Katie L. Carroll
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Neither is the Quest trope, but Katie Carroll does manage to get past the cliches with sympathetic characters and a world just a breath away from our own.

Katora learns she's the designated keeper of a healing elixir, but it's not so easy as just taking the bottle, and saying "Okay, Pop. I'll take it from here." She's got to go on a long and dangerous journey into the wilderness to find the flowers that make the elixir. To make sure this isn't easy, she'll have to face a wicked witch with her three horsemen of the apocalypse, a bunch of vicious tiny people (not dwarves, but teeny, tiny people with sharp little swords), and other dangers. Why else would there be a quest, after all, if it wasn't hard to do?

While Ms. Carroll doesn't break much new ground here, what she does present is a good read. Katora might be a little too involved in the love interest for my taste. I mean, really, getting all hot and bothered when on the equivalent of the Donner party trek? So, less kissy face and more danger for this reader. Then again, I'm not the target audience.

I'm really at a 3.5 stars on this one, but I'll give the benefit of the doubt. I'm interested enough to see what Katora is up to in a sequel.

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REVIEWS! No Irish Need Apply by E.C. Patterson

No Irish Need ApplyNo Irish Need Apply by Edward C. Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This sweet story of first love kept my attention. Highschool boys, Louis and Kevin, are attracted to each other. Louis has already been identified as homosexual and has the bruises to prove it. Kevin is in the closet, but can't deny his attraction to his study mate. Soon, they become a couple, but not in public.

In a single up-yours moment, the boys attend the prom as a couple. Now, they have to face their respective mothers--good Irish Catholics--who aren't exactly happy their sons have found their soulmates.

Still, we appreciate Kevin's mom for going through her stages of anger, hostility, why me?, and finally acceptance of Louis, a boy she already liked as her son's friend. Louis' mother is not as forgiving, but we, as readers, hope she'll find it in her heart to love her son no matter what.

This is a nice YA LGBT with moderate swearing, but no explicit scenes.

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REVIEWS! As the World Ends by Marian Lanouette

As the World EndsAs the World Ends by Marian Lanouette
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Upfront honesty: This isn't really my kind of book, so I waffled between 3 and 4 stars. I leaned to the higher rating because this is a unique take on the Mayan end of world scenario. Hey, maybe they were off by a year and we'd better batten down the hatches in December 2013.

The three characters formed a good triangle of fear and loathing, but with enough love to win through. Roan was suitably creepy. I could almost hear the banjos playing. Rob and Lauren make a great couple who ultimately work together to save themselves. Rob toned down his macho and Lauren found her courage. The experience, although terrifying, ended up making their relationship even stronger.

Overall, a good job on a short action romance.

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REVIEWS! The Fractured: Elena by Sarah Dalton

The Fractured: Elena (Fractured #1) (Blemished #2.5)The Fractured: Elena (Fractured #1) by Sarah Dalton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sarah Dalton has written a big twist on the beauty pageant mentality. The girl we are usually led to hate comes across as much more, with courage and conviction to make any mother proud. Too bad Elena's mother is so wrapped up in her own rounds of maintaining the beauty that nature had nothing to do with.

This is a story of cloning taken to an ugly conclusion. Pairing genetic material to produce perfectly beautiful children failed to produce people with intelligence and heart. Elena breaks the mold of self-absorbed beauty queen. She's guilt-ridden for the years she spent bullying the Blemished (natural born people) who are relegated to lives of squalor and servitude to the ruling clone class.

This is book #1 in a series. I'll keep an eye peeled for more from Ms. Dalton.

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REVIEWS! Monster is in the Eye of the Beholder by Lorinda J. Taylor

NOTE: I'm posting some of the reviews I've written over the last month while I'm prepping for the "Faizah's Destiny" release beginning in May.

Monster is in the Eye of the BeholderMonster is in the Eye of the Beholder by Lorinda J. Taylor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an excellent book. Note that I rarely give 5 stars to anything so I'll have some wiggle room on a review.

Prf. Oliva and her xenoanthropological team are secretly invited to Kal-fa. Why the secrecy? The entities of Kal-fa are considered to be the spiritual guides of the Chu-nesians, the people who live in the same system, but the next planet inward.

What they find there startle, enchant, and disturb the team. The two women, after their initial shock at the nature of the Kal-fas (not sure if this is the plural) proceed with their studies of the low-tech folk. A third member of the team doesn't get over his shock, but, instead, sinks deeper into a loathing of the Kal-fas. To tell you why here would be too huge of a spoiler.

Lorinda Taylor presents a unique situation in the encounters between humans and aliens. Presented in the form of the Proceedings to investigate what had occurred on Kal-fa. Much of the transcript is based on personal journals of the team. This allows for a unique multiple POV presentation, especially interesting because the personal journals are spotty and incomplete.

I was fascinated from beginning to end. This is a wonderful novelette well worth your time. Ms. Taylor's background as a librarian and teacher must be partly why her story seems as well-researched as if the Kal-fas and Chu-nesians were real rather than the highly imaginative output of her imagination.

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Setara Visits The Write Stuff Blog

Meradeth Houston's blog, aptly titled "The Write Stuff," is chock full of good writing advice, introductions to books you might enjoy, a general dishing on writerly topics.

About Meradeth: Author of Colors Like Memories from MuseItUp Publishing.

Meradeth Houston is a California native who isn’t a big fan of talking about herself. But, for the sake of coming up with something to fill out her bio, here are two random facts: (1) she’s spent a lot of time in school. Probably too much—if that is possible. (2) If she could have any super power in the world it would be flying, if she could get over her fear of heights.

Blurb for Colors Like Memories:

Julia is a Sary, the soul of a child who died before taking her first breath. Without this 'breath of life,' she and others like her must help those on the verge of suicide. It's a job Julia enjoyed, until the accident that claimed her boyfriend’s life—an accident she knows was her fault. If living with the guilt weren't enough, she's now assigned to help a girl dealing with the loss of her mother, something Julia is not exactly the best role model for. If she can't figure out a way to help her, Julia will lose her position in the Sary, something she swore to her boyfriend would never happen.

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FIRE! It's Elemental

Today's guest, Heather James, tells us how she uses the four ancient elements in her fantasy series. First up, we have FIRE. FREE COPY OF FIRE TO ONE COMMENTER.

My decision to use the elements initially stemmed from my desire to have characters who could form and manipulate fire; I liked the idea of the power, particularly the dangerous edge to it. The concept of a world with four realms, each with an affinity for a different element, seemed to fit in nicely with this, as it created a balance, but also an immediate conflict between the locations. I wanted to write a story which explored ideas of racism, but didn't want it to be solely based on skin colour or religion - the elemental links gave me another method.

Everything about each realm can be linked to their element: the people's personality, the climate, the geography, the way in which their people live.

Although each of the four realms is linked to an element, only certain members of those realms have fantasy, element-based 'powers'. They are called 'Protectors' since it is their job to guard their realm. The power is inherited, but having a parent who is a protector doesn't guarantee that you will be one; sometimes the gene will lay dormant for a few generations

Protectors in the fire realm (Helians) can produce and manipulate fire - their power is therefore a very literal representation of the element. Helians also have very 'fiery' personalities: they are quick to anger and also have darker, more menacing intentions than the other Realms. They also live inland and avoid water as much as possible.

In the air realm (Arcans), Protectors can manipulate the air to form anything from a gentle breeze to a small tornado. I tried to play on the insult 'air head' and members of the other realms all believe that the Arcans are a bit dim. Their realm is cold and mountainous.

Brizan Protectors from the water realm can produce and manipulate water. They are a very emotional people and are also changeable, like the sea: one minute they will be calm and happy, the next explosively angry. They live on a collection of islands and spend much of their time out at sea.

I had to take a slightly less literal approach for the earth realm (Sephans) since producing dirt didn't seem very useful. Instead, Sephan Protectors can create earthquakes, prompt the growth of plants and also communicate with animals. They are the 'hippy' realm, with handmade clothes and rustic, outdoor homes. They are also the only realm to have a democracy, since I felt that it fitted in well with their philosophy.

The Synopsis:
Is control over the elements a gift, or a curse?

Roxy thinks that she is in control of everything: with flames flaring at her fingertips and an equally fiery attitude, what more could she need? Then she meets Brae, a prince from a rival Realm, who turns her assumptions of superiority upside down.

Jasmine has none of Roxy’s confidence or intensity. But she does have a secret - and Brae - and she’s not going to give either up willingly.

"Fire" is available for only 99 cents (or equivalent) at Amazon, Amazon UK (plus other countries), B&N, and Kobo.


Heather James is a young-adult author who writes about heroines with amazing powers, heroes who will break your heart and fantasy realms that you will want to move to.

She works in the attendance office of a South-East London secondary school and spends her school holidays writing, reading, playing flag-American football and using Pinterest.

Find Heather on her website: http://heatherfjames.blogspot.co.uk/ 

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Setara's Genie Cover Featured

April 7th is Setara's day on You Gotta Read book cover contest. The polls open on April 21st. Of course, I and the cover artist, C.K. Volnek would appreciate your votes. We'll remind you when voting opens.

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(Witch) Girls Succeed!

I'm on the Girls Succeed blog today. Stop by to leave a comment and check out the rest of J.Q. Rose's blog about her inspiring book for girls.


About Girls Succeed:

Girls Succeed: Stories Behind the Careers of Successful Women is an interactive e-book filled with dreams and passion. Fifteen successful career women in a variety of occupations share their stories in these pages. Explore careers involving women who have discovered cures to stamp out disease, made people laugh, earned Olympic gold medals, and crossed the country in the cab of an 18 wheeler.

The blog continues the work of the book by hosting successful women. My appearance is really that of Katrina, the teen witch from the Witches of Galdorheim series. I write about how Kat faces opposition and set backs, yet persists in her struggle to find her magic. Interpret magic as anything you want. I'd say it's success.

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Charlotte Babb's Magic Wand

Need a magic wand to help with your writing? Try a deadline.

When a deadline looms, the brain chemicals start flowing, either to shut down your creative center or to ramp up the story neurons.

If the former happens and the brain freezes, breathe deeply, drink some water, and calm yourself. What would your character do in such a crisis? How would he rearrange priorities? Whom would she call for help? What is at hand that could be used as a tool?

What do you have on your desk right now that would work? No, don't throw the stapler at the monitor. The monitor is your friend. It shows you how far you've come. If you can't stand its unwinking eye, close your own eyes and type anyway. You can always delete later.

If you get a "fight" response, instead of a "flight," start typing. Make the letters fly off the ends of your fingers. It may be crap at first, but keep pushing out one more word, one more word, one more word, and at some point, the idea will come. Give it five minutes of typetypetypetypetype.

Take five deep breaths to get more oxygen in your brain, and then start typing again. If you do it, it will come.

No deadline? No Worries!

Set one for yourself, and then call a friend and commit to it. Ask the friend to call you on it. Do you really want to tell your friend that you wimped out and didn't write?

What are you afraid of? It hurts less to write than it does not to write. Don't let the unwritten pages stack up into a mountain ahead.

As writers we have to trust ourselves and our connection to our muse, whatever that is: a higher self, a fairy godmother, a voice that whispers or shouts the next word,  a mental screen that brings up the next image. Writing is making magic. There's a reason that performing magic is called a spell, an incantation.

Words shape the will, and the will is what gets you through, even if you don't know what happens next, even if you are taking a step into the dark without being able to see where your foot will land. Isn't that what your charcter has to do? Take that step

Once you get past the blank page, you can reassess, see where the character is and think about what her reaction to the situation is, and how she has to make a different choice to overcome the Big Bad.

A confession: I've been stuck on my current WIP as I've worked on other things, made notes and outlines, and filled out index cards of structure and characterization. But I have not just jumped in and written until this morning, when I had a conversation with my Big Bad. She taunted me, showing more of herself than she ever has, and while I still don't have her backstory, I know in a deep, true way who she is, and how she is dangerous, how she menaces my fairy godmother. 

This process works for me. It got this guest post written in the 30 minutes I had this morning before going to work. Give it a shot. Even if you don't get a finished piece, you've primed the pump and greased the gears. Do it again tomorrow.  Make every day a deadline. 

Charlotte Henley Babb is a web designer and college writing instructor in Spartanburg, SC. She loves Fractured Fairy Tales and writes them for your enjoyment. Her website is http://charlottehenleybabb.com  Her novel is Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil

Maven’s new dream job–fairy godmother–presents more problems than she expects when she learns that Faery is on the verge of collapse, and the person who is training her isn’t giving her the facts–and may be out to kill her. Will she be able to make all the fractured fairy tales fit together into a happy ending, or will she be eaten by a troll?
Title: Maven Fairy Godmother: Through the Veil
Series Title: Maven Fairy Godmother (book 1)
Author: Charlotte Henley BabbGenre: Contemporary Fantasy Humor
Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing http://museituppublishing.com
Format: ebook  Available: Kindle, Nook, pdf,  epub, mobi
ISBN: 978-1-77127-000-7 ASIN: B007QD2XW2
Price: $5.95Publisher:             http://bit.ly/MavenFGM (1 scene excerpt)
Amazon Kindle:  http://amzn.to/Maven-k (read first 6 chapters free) 
B&N Nook:            http://bit,ly/Maven-bn (read first 3 chapters free) 
Smashwords:       http://bit.ly/MavenSW
Goodreads:           http://bit.ly/Maven-GR