Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Now on SALE! Weirdly, Volume II

Ebook NOW on sale at Wild Child Publishing. $5.95

From paranormal to weird, from chilling to odd to scary, Weirdly Volume 2: Eldritch will sate your lust for strangeness in bite-sized pieces. Each tale weaves its own spell. Vampires, beasts, ghosts, evil creatures and, of course, every day people inhabit Weirdly’s pages.

Soldiers must reach their destination before the undead get to them first... What does the picture on the wall mean to Jen? Fate holds something in store for Lewis—but is it what he wants? Lillie embarks on another quest... Is the young man who sees and hears fluffy beings insane? An old letter urges a young woman to the train station—but is the train that puffs into view real? All these tales and more. Dare you read them?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

All Three Editions Now Available

There are now three trims size of Tales of Texas Boy. Buy all three. I won't mind.

Tales of a Texas Boy $8.95 Tradesize paperback, 6x9, 12pt type.

Tales of a Texas Boy - Large Print $12.56, 8x10 paperback, 18pt type.

Monday, June 02, 2008

News From Sam's Dot Publishing

Marva Dasef's "First Duty" Reaches Earth

Order your copy from The Genre Mall. $7.70 plus $4.00 S/H

THE GREAT NORTHWEST [SDP] -- Years ago, Robert A. Heinlein thrilled millions of younger readers with his YA novels filled with adventures among the stars. Remember The Star Beast? Citizen of the Galaxy? Podkayne of Mars? Starman Jones?

Now comes a YA novel from Marva Dasef that is surely the adventurous equal of those long-ago tales. First Duty is the story of Nyra Hutchings, a young woman born into a life of servitude on a repressive factory planet, who is desperate for a different life. When she's accepted into the Space Service Academy, run by the organization that enslaves her planet, she discovers the truth behind generations of rebellion. Now, she must decide what to believe, where her first duty lies, and fight for more than her life against impossible odds.

Marva Dasef lives in Eugene, Oregon, with her husband and a fat cat. She has dabbled in a variety of genres, with fantasy, science fiction, romance, literary, children's, and historical fiction published in a variety of on-line and print magazines. First Duty is her breakout into longer fiction.