Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorcerous Signals Anthology

I was just contacted by the editor of Sorcerous Signals that my story "The Cursed Valley" will appear in the 2008 Best of anthology. I'll provide more details (as in release date, etc.) when they become available.

For right now, all I can say is WOO HOO!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fifty Reasons

You've probably already read this one, but why not read it again.

On the Bookgasm blog:

Fifty Reasons Why Nobody Wants to Publish Your First Book

Here's some of the fun reasons out of the middle of the post. You should really want to go read the other 47 reasons.

20. You’re actually the 139th person to submit a conspiracy thriller
involving the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, entitled THE MICHAELANGELO

21. And the 78th to submit a chick-lit manuscript about an attractive
woman’s sweet tooth and affection for footwear, called CHOCOLATE AND

22. You know the part where the protagonist stuffs those puppies into
the wood chipper? It’s not quite as funny as you seem to think.

Monday, March 02, 2009

March Spotlight on Books

Poetry is the flavor of the month. Check out Dianne Salerni's monthly Spotlight. March is for poetry! It is really, really hard to find publishers for poetry, so this month's selection highlights those works that are ignored by the agents and mainstream. Hey! If you're a poet, you're going to have a hard time find a publisher. That does NOT mean your poetry is unworthy. Check it out.

Some of the books for your reading pleasure are:

Mugging for the Camera by RJ Clarken
A Viking's Prayer by Aidan Lucid: This one sounds very interesting to me. Love the historicals!
Gems of Yesterday by Bee Lewis, edited by Erwin A Thompson
Organic Hotels by Matthew Abuelo
Sightlines by Janet Grace Riehl
Night Moves by Edgar Henry

Next month: Murder Most Foul! I can hardly wait. Detective, crime, neat stuff.

All past Spotlights are linked at the bottom of the page.