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Blog Touring

I recently joined with Goddess Fish Promotions to be a host site for blog tours. I figure it will be good for authors to have a variety pack of blog spots on their tours. It should also be good for me, since those touring authors will tell others where they'll be guests.

This is a win-win, in my opinion. I might even sign-up for a blog tour myself. We'll see how it goes with being a host.

I'll add a block on the right hand column with the writers I'll be hosting.
I will tweet when the authors appear on my blog.
My blog already shows up on Facebook, MySpace, and Amazon.
Check out Goddess Fish and see if you'd like to signup for hosting or guesting a book tour.

I'm guesting on A.R. Norris's blog today

Visit A.R. Norris's Science Fiction Adventures blog to read the interview. All about ULTIMATE DUTY!

A.R. Norris is the author of the SFR, "Duty and Devotion," from Desert Breeze Publishing scheduled for release in June.

Since both our books deal with the concept of duty in a futuristic world, seems to be a match made in . . . on Star Trek?

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99 Cent Specials

Coupons, coupons, coupons. It's almost like we're back in the 40's and buying items only when we have a coupon (e.g., sugar, coffee, flour). But today's coupons get you an ebook in a variety of flavors. Just enter the coupon code at checkout. What? You want free books? Well, I've given you all chance after chance with freebie coupons, so how about you buy a book or two if you've taken advantage of my largesse?

Eagle Quest LH92F

First Duty GH46G

Quest for the Simurgh MJ88U

Tales of a Texas Boy VX69N

Tales of Abu Nuwas DR46W

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Join the MuseItUp Book Club (It's free!)

MuseItUp Publishing E-book Club

MuseItUp authors span worldwide and are eagerly waiting to meet you in our readers groups. Be the first to get a glimpse of their upcoming books, excerpts, author interviews, advance notice of any upcoming contests, time sensitive discount coupons to purchase our books…and have an all-around fun time!

On the first of each month we give away one FREE ebook to one lucky member.

Why not join us today!

Mainstream group:

Erotica group:
Note: My first MuseItUp book, "Missing, Assumed Dead," is scheduled for a July release, but I'll be posting excerpts and other fun stuff about my kids' fantasies in the readers group.

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Interviewed on Penny Ehrenkranz's Blog

I thought this interview was on the 26th (today), but Penny posted a day early. However, you can read it anytime you want!

Marva Dasef Interview on One Writer's Journey

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Last 2 Days to Vote

I have a shot at making the Top Ten in a couple of the Preditors/Editors Poll categories. If you have not yet voted, please consider voting for my books. I'd be ever so grateful.

Novel SF
Ultimate Duty - Eternal Press

Novel Childrens
Quest for the Simurgh - Texas Boy Publications

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Stylish Blogger

Here's a fun way to "get around" on the internet. The lovely June Bourgo of the Aspirations of a Novelist (or "Losing Cinderella" for her novel) nominated me along with some other fine bloggers for the Stylish Blogger Award. What's not to like about that?

So, I'm happy to add June to my Scrumptious Blogs list and pass along this stylish award to:

The rules for accepting this award are:

Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award . THANKS, JUNE!

Share 7 things about yourself .

Award 10 recently discovered great bloggers.

Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

Here goes with 7 things about myself:

1. I retired from a long career in computers, going way back to before Jobs and Wozniak ever thought about Apple.
2. I live across the street from my parents. I think I'm looking out for them, but it may be the other way round.
3. Like June, I'm a grandmother, but hate admitting it. On the other hand, Audrey (going on 16) and Janae (13-1/2) are fabulous, wonderful, smart women-to-be who make me proud.
4. I've owned and loved five horses: Ranger, Stormy, Ruby, Copper, Sam, and Ed. May they frolic in the Rainbow Heaven pastures.
5. My longest (I'd say oldest, but she might get cranky) constant friend is Beth Aylworth, who takes care of Keeshonds by adoption and fostering. She never even had a dog until a few years ago, but whole dog she goes into everything.
6. Oh, gosh, I have two more things. Um. I write books. But you already know that if you read my blog.
7. I won Best Looking Legs in Bermuda Shorts at a teen dance show on a local TV station way back in 1964.

Now, 10 great bloggers (not all recently discovered, but terrific nonetheless):

Dianne Salerni's In High Spirits
Ginger Simpson's Dishin' It Out
Lisa Lane's New Sensuality
A.R. Norris's Adventures of a SciFi Writer
Rosanne Dowell's Romance Author
Heather Kuehl's Malevolent Dead
Jessica Subject's Mark of the Stars
Carol Hightshoe's Realms of the Imagination
Richard Fay's Azure Lion Productions

Now, I'm off to tell these wonderful bloggers they're STYLISH!

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Short Story - Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo

Jonathan Swift Finds Nemo
Copyright Marva Dasef
I wrote this story back in 2007. I could not find a home for it, but I like my little play at alternative history even if the editors didn't "get" it. One publisher didn't like the archaic language. Go figure.

Jonathan Swift sighed, setting aside his newly published book. It turned out to be wildly popular, the talk of the town. He’d written it as the travel book, but soon realized that he had to protect the Houyhnhnms. So, he changed it to a satire and populated it with thinly-veiled references to the Whigs. That, people would accept, even find amusing.

When he found the Houyhnhnm island, he was, as anyone would be, totally surprised at the discovery of a kind and gentle race of intelligent horses. They had so impressed him that he knew he must tell others. Alas, he had promised to never disclose their location, so he was forced into this fiction using the character Dr. Gulliver as his voice.

Now, he was becoming restless again. Since the untimely death of Stella, he found that no distraction could stop his thoughts from always turning to her. Still, life must go on, and he was eager to explore new vistas. He decided to go for a walk down to the harbor to see if any interesting ships had arrived.

Pulling on his heavy cape, to ward the London fog that descended, he ambled to the wharf and scanned the ships. His jaw dropped and he stared wide-eyed for a moment. One of the ships had sides clad in metal--not just strips used to strengthen and protect the seams, but entirely metal-bound. He walked rapidly to the side of this phenomenon and noted a man, apparently the captain, standing on the deck directing sailors in their tasks.

“Ahoy, Captain of the ship.”

The ornately-dressed captain turned his way. His long coat was not entirely nautical in appearance. It reminded Jonathan of a Rajah’s attire, except heavily-braided on the shoulders and down the sleeves. “Est-ce que je peux vous aider?” the Captain asked.

Jonathan delved his memory for the French he had learned at school. “Parlez-vous Anglais?”

The Captain nodded. “I do, monsieur. May I help you?”

“May I introduce myself?" Jonathan placed his hand on his chest. "I am Jonathan Swift.”

The Captain smiled broadly. “I have heard of you, Monsieur Swift. I enjoyed your book, “Gulliver’s Travels.” A most imaginative travel guide. Quite amusing.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Jonathan studied the Captain's dark face thinking he must have Hindoo blood in him. He waited for the Captain to introduce himself.

“My name is Captain de Nemours, Monsieur Swift. My ship is named, as you can see on the side, the Nautilus.”

“I am curious about your ship, Captain. It appears to be entirely covered in metal. How does it float?”

“Ah, advanced engineering. Not only does it float, but it can also dive under the surface of the sea. I call it a submarine. A Dutchman built the first of its kind for James I. Not a very practical model, requiring oars, but we have made a few improvements in the last hundred years.”

“This ship is fantastic, Captain de Nemours. It amazes me that I have not heard of this means of marine transport before.”

“This is the only one of its kind, Monsieur Swift. I am proud to be the the first to command.”

“Is it, then, a French ship?” Swift looked for a flagstaff, but couldn’t see one. “I do not see your colours.”

“My crew and I have not allied the Nautilus to any country. I designed and built this ship myself.” He scanned the decks of the submarine with a slight smile on his lips. “We are free adventurers, traveling wherever we will, whenever we will.”

The two men chatted for a while longer. Finally, Swift could no longer contain himself. “I must sail in this ship, Captain de Nemours. Is there any possibility you could take me as a passenger? I don’t care where we go or for how long. I’ll pay whatever passage you ask.”

“My most sincere apologies, Monsieur Swift. I cannot do that. We have, shall we say, things to do that preclude taking passengers.”

Swift was downcast and wondered whether to press the point. He decided to wait, perhaps get to know this Captain better, then he might relent and take him along. They said their goodbyes, and Swift returned to his home thinking furiously.

He immediately set pen to paper, describing the ship and its Captain in as much detail as he could remember. He intended to write about this ship and wanted to have accurate notes to go by. He hoped he would have the experience of actually sailing with the Captain.

Once he had written all that he could on the brief meeting, he took another piece of paper, a fine foolscap, and wrote a note to Captain de Nemours, inviting him to dinner. He called his footman, Ben, and sent him off to the wharf to deliver the invitation.

Ben soon returned with the note still in his hand. “I couldn’t find the ship, Master Swift. I asked around, but nobody seemed to know what I was talking about.”

Swift sighed. He thought the good Captain regretted all that he had told him and had set sail to preclude just this type of pressure. He picked up his notes on the ship, and heaving another sigh, he sadly put them in the bottom drawer of his desk. “Maybe someday the Nautilus will return.” He could only hope.

He pulled a few blank sheets of paper before him and picked up his quill. He had been working on this essay for a while and really should complete it. “What shall I title this?” he asked himself, then wrote “A Modest Proposal” at the top of the page.

* * *

More than one hundred forty years later, Jules Verne browsed through an antique shop in Paris. Spotting a desk of English design, he thought it would go nicely in his library. He bought the desk and gave directions for its delivery to his home.

Later, he sat at his new purchase to examine its features. In a lower drawer in the back, almost hidden from view, he found a set of papers describing a fantastic ship and a captain named de Nemours.

“Hmm, this gives me an idea,” he muttered and began to write.

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Anybody Up for a Short Story? Say AYE! in the Comments


Originally published in the Green Silk Journal, this might be considered "literary" since it does not contain any spaceships or car chases.
Copyright Marva Dasef

The phrase “the joint was ajumpin’” described Big Bessie’s place to a tee. A jukebox on the back wall was blasting out big band swing. A few couples were jive dancing in a small open area in front of the juke. Everybody was talking loud and laughing. Some were clapping their hands to the beat of Benny Goodman’s ‘Sing Sing Sing,’ with Gene Krupa waling away on the drums.

Marilyn worked at Big Bessie’s and was mighty glad she did. The place was fun and Bessie was a good boss. Bessie didn’t take any guff, but she was always fair, treating her staff better than most bosses. Marilyn got pretty good tips and Bessie always made sure the staff had a full meal on her tab before they left the place.

The jukebox finished up with Goodman and started a slow number, Bessie Smith singing ‘Careless Love Blues’. A few people hooted; they wanted the fast music. The couples who were dancing thought it was good to take a break and slow down a bit. Marilyn turned down the lights as the music slowed. The customers liked some atmosphere. The remaining couple pressed together, the woman laying her head on her partner’s shoulder. The man started rubbing his right hand down the woman’s flank, finally gripping her left buttock as he nuzzled her neck. The woman started to grind her hips against the man. They seemed lost in their own little world, ignoring everybody around them.

Marilyn glanced over at the couple and decided to keep an eye on them. They were getting more friendly than Big Bessie liked her customers to be. True, Big Bessie’s cafĂ© was a “jivin’ and jumpin’ joint,” as Big Bessie said in her ads, but she didn’t stand for any drugs or drunks, and certainly no bad behavior.

Bessie would be back at ten o’clock and she would would not be happy if she walked in on that. She would be especially p-o’ed that the couple were Tess and Harry, the day manager and another waitress. Marilyn wondered exactly what they were thinking. They knew Bessie’s rules, and they were obviously making a big point of ignoring them.

Marilyn waved at them, hoping they’d see her and take the hint. But, they were oblivious, as they continued what was appearing to be a fully-clothed sex act. Customers were starting to take notice. Some grinned and nudged their friends to take a look. A few looked away in disgust at the display.

The front door opened and Marilyn held her breath. The aspect of Big Bessie loomed in the door. Steam was streaming from her nose (and maybe her ears). Marilyn cringed and waited for the blow up.

Big Bessie lived up to the ‘big’ part of her name. The huge woman was over six feet tall and tipped the scales at close to four hundred pounds. She’d been known to take down two drunk men with a single blow. The whole neighborhood knew Bessie and respected the woman. Big heart, big hands, big foot when needed to kick sense into anyone breaking her rules. Tess and Harry didn’t notice the boss woman’s entrance. Everyone else in the room straightened up quickly, and shut their mouths. They knew what might be coming and they didn’t want to miss a thing.

Bessie stalked over to the jukebox and slammed one huge and meaty hand down on the top. The sound of a scratching record followed by a boinging sound brought the music to a halt. Finally, Harry and Tess realized something was wrong and looked around. When they saw Bessie, they jumped apart like they’d been zapped by a high voltage wire.

Big Bessie glared down at them, her fists parked on her wide hips, arms akimbo.

“And just what do you two think you’re doin’?” Bessie rumbled. “You know I don’t truck with that kind of behavior.” She blew steam from her nose and now Marilyn actually thought she could see smoke pouring from Bessie’s ears.

Bessie stomped one huge foot forward, then the other. The floor shook and coffee cups rattled on the shelves. The crowd gasped, but held stock still waiting to see what happened next.

Tess and Harry started to quiver. Harry took a sliding step to the left in the futile hope that he might escape the wrath of Bessie. She stuck out one big hand and grabbed him by his collar. She slid him back to where he started without his feet leaving the floor. Sheer terror showed in his eyes. He said, “Mm, hmm, ah, mmm,” then gave up when no actual words came out.

Tess hung her head and studied her feet with great intensity. “Sorry, Bessie,” her voice quivered. Her knees buckled and she started to slump to the floor. Bessie reached out with her other meaty hand, the one not gripping Harry, and pulled Tess back up.

Bessie slowly raised both arms until Tess and Harry were dangling from her huge fists, feet barely touching the floor. The crowd watched rapt and held their breath. Would she throw them down and stomp them to a puddle on the floor?

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” Big Bessie shook her head. “Don’t you two have any manners at all?” She raised them a few inches higher until they were both on tiptoes. “Now, you two apologize to ever’body here.”

“Yes, ma’am, Bessie, ma’am,” Harry sobbed. He managed to turn his head to the right far enough to see most of the people and said, “I’m truly sorry. I apologize.” Bessie dropped him and he crumpled to the floor. He quickly got up on his hands and knees and scooted out of Bessie’s reach.

Tess saw her chance and spoke up, “Me, too. I’m really sorry.” Bessie dropped her as well. Tess collapsed in a heap and just lay there.

Bessie surveyed the crowd. They were still holding their collective breath. Bessie’s eyes drilled into the eyes of each person, or at least each thought they were the object of her wrathful gaze.

Bessie then reached out with her mighty paw and rapped the top of the jukebox. Glenn Miller started to play ‘Pennsylvania 6-5000.’ Couples slowly got up and began to dance. Bessie stalked over to the counter and winked at Marilyn. “Gotta keep the kids in line, eh?”

Marilyn grinned back. “Sure thing, Bessie. Gotta keep the kids in line.”

Bessie had kept her reputation intact one more time, without a single soul coming to harm. She’d knock the heads of the drunks, but never hard enough to crack a skull. Marilyn knew Bessie wanted to keep it that way.

Marilyn poured a cup of coffee and set it in front of the big woman. Bessie raised the cup in salute and nodded at Marilyn. The queen of Bessie’s palace continued her benevolent reign.

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Blitz Promo Day on MuseItUp Blog

The MuseItUp authors are introducing themselves and their books on the MuseItUp blog today. Stop by to see all the fantastic books already published or will be published.

Now, I have to go make something up to blog. Unfortunately, my first MuseItUp book, "Missing, Assumed Dead," won't be released until July (FOREVER!!!), but I'll think of something to say.

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Join the Blurb Parade!

All this week, read the blurbs for the best books. Then, what the heck, go buy a few.

Click here to take the last train to Blurbsville.

Preditor/Editor Polls Now Open

The Preditors and Editors polls for best novels/stories/groups/etc. are open now. If you haven't voted yet, I'll hold up my campaign sign here to ask that you vote for one or more of my works. Here we go:

Ultimate Duty

First Duty

Quest for the Simurgh

Poor Little Rich Girl

The works are listed alphabetically. If you voted before crashed earlier this month, your vote might have been lost. If you revote, it just counts the last thing you voted for, so no problems.

If you've voted for someone else, that's great too. All the writers need your support.

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Indie Books List: Exclusive Offers from Marva Dasef

Indie Books List: Exclusive Offers from Marva Dasef: "Get any of these for $0.99 - exclusively for our readers. Coupons are good until 3/15/11 The Tales of Abu Nuwas"

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interview - Jessica Subject

Jessica, thank you for joining us today. Before we begin, please tell our readers where they can find you.

You can find me on my website/blog:

On Twitter:



Now, why don't you tell everyone a bit about your books including buy links?
I am working hard editing my alien romance series Mark of the Stars, preparing to sub the first book out by the end of this year. Here is a summary of the first book, The Zurian Child:

After reuniting with her first love, Lindsay Montgomery believes her life to be perfect, the life she dreamed of as a teenager and finally achieved. She is now married the man of her dreams and carries his child in her womb. She does not expect to be told she is half alien and that her child is part of some prophecy made so many years ago on another planet. Although Lindsay refuses to believe, she is forced to act when her husband is killed by another alien species from her home planet. It is during this time that her husband’s best Bryce friend reveals his true feelings for Lindsay, even though he knows they are inappropriate.

Amongst the chaos surrounding their lives, Bryce’s feelings for Lindsay increase. While she wants and needs him in her life, as he is the only person in her life who knows about her alien ancestry, Lindsay is not ready for a new relationship. Lindsay tries to ward off his advances but feels tempted by the erotic visions they share. Before she loses complete control, Lindsay and her daughter move away, breaking all contact with him and the outside world.

With her perfect life gone, Lindsay contemplates whether she can keep her daughter safe in seclusion, while raising her to achieve her destiny. She dreams of Bryce by her side and must decide whether to let him back into her life and make their shared visions a reality or live a reclusive life, vulnerable to an alien species intent on killing them.

Here is also a summary of the Alien YA I am working on (still in first draft):

Sixteen-year-old Faith, an alien-human hybrid was created in the image of the woman she was meant to kill. With her creator now dead, Faith just wants to live a normal human life.

Setting out into the unknown world with her younger brother Oliver, Faith searches for the family she’s always wanted, friends who will accept her, and someone to love her unconditionally.

How long did it take you to finish, from concept to final product?
I am not finished yet, but I have been working on The Zurian Child for over three years. I have not subbed it out yet, as I have never felt it was ready. After joining a critique group and finding some online critique partners, I feel The Zurian Child is well on its way to be submitted to agents and publishers.

Are there any authors that have influenced your own writing?
Yes, several. I would not say my writing style reflects anyone, but with each book I read, I learn what I like and what I don’t like and try to integrate those insights into my own writing.

Do you have any favorite place where you feel your Muse is more apt to come and play while you write? Or perhaps you listen to music? If so, what do you listen to?
To be honest, I get my best ideas during a warm shower. My mind tends to wander freely while I’m in there and I’ve worked out so many plots and scenes under the spray of water.

As a writer, what is your greatest fear?
Rejection, although I believe that is the fear of most writers. It’s so hard when you work at something for a long time, devoting so many hours to it and you’re told it’s not good, or worse.

What normally occupies your desk while writing? Pencils? Coffee mugs? Breakfast crumbs?
Breakfast crumbs since I usually work on the kitchen table, although I usually make sure the table is wiped off first. Our house is in various stages of renovation and my office still waits to be finished.

Do you have any new projects that you are working on? If so, what are they?
I’m really plugging away at The Zurian Child, but when a new idea pops into my head, I have to write it down. Sometimes I write an entire first draft and other times I only write down notes and stick it away in my ideas folder.

I also work to keep my blog going.

What tip would you offer to a new writer who is just beginning their submission journey?
I can’t offer any as I am not in the process, but I do follow many agent blogs. Their advice is to read their submission guidelines before sending anything in. I don’t know how many times I’ve read that, so I think it’s important.

If you'd like to add anything, please do so.

On my blog, I post many book reviews and author interviews, sometimes with giveaways. Be sure to stop by. So far, I have signed up to be involved in some great blog tours and have my one-year blogoversary coming up in April.

Every Sunday, I participate in Six Sentence Sunday, posting six sentences from one of my WIPs on my blog. It is quite the community of writer’s involved. You can find the main blog here: and here is a blog post I wrote about Six Sentence Sunday for the SFR Brigade:

How about an excerpt to tantalize the readers? 

Here is an excerpt from the beginning of The Zurian Child. (Please note: It may change before I send this story out for submission)

This excerpt takes place on the planet of Alectrona, when Bryce is just a baby.
Thanks Marva for hosting me on your blog! I really appreciate it.
As Lorne approached his home, a scream echoed through the abandoned neighborhood. Running into the house, he found his daughter lying on the floor of the common room. Congealed blood covered her young, precious face, and seeped into the carpet. The guilt from arriving too late ripped his heart from his chest. Lorne reached down, brushing his hand one last time over her face. His breath caught in the back of his throat. The shock of seeing his wife tangled amongst the many moss-covered limbs of an eight-foot tall Erebus, her head bent at an odd angle, sent his senses reeling.

He already smelt the Erebus that lurked in his home, but viewing its foul figure caused waves of repulsion throughout his body. Rage overpowered his grief. He wanted to break down and cry, but the Erebus had not yet sensed him. Lorne held his breath, sneaking past the creature. With slow, measured steps, he reached the bedroom he shared with his wife.
A sound broke his concentration. A soft coo. Someone or something survived and was in the room with him.
Another coo led him to a large, rectangular object beside the bed. Lorne recognized the baby inside the portable baby bed. He was their friends’ child Bryce and the little baby slept with the destruction occurring nearby.
With adrenaline pumping through Lorne’s body, he sought revenge, his urge to protect the infant long gone. Lorne found his laser gun in the table beside his bed. Without a sound, he left the bedroom and crept up on the Erebus rummaging through the common room.

Fighting to steady his trembling hands, Lorne took aim.
Thanks Marva for hosting me on your blog! I really appreciate it.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Review - Pandora's Hope by Lisa Lane

Review of “Pandora's Hope”

by Lisa Lane
Published by Ravenous Romance

Trade Paperback 

In this second book of the Lust in Space series, Captain Nora Bradley has just discovered she's pregnant by her fiance Robert Smith. Suggesting that they move their wedding plans ahead, Nora gets a less than enthusiastic response from Robert. This sets her to fretting throughout the book on just exactly where his head is in regard to their relationship.

While that's going on with her personally, her ship, Pandora's Hope, is disabled in a battle with Space Pirates. Now, we've got some good old-fashioned space opera going on. The pirates are blown away by a unique use of the space-bending drive. Unfortunately, the engine has to be repaired, but a certain mineral is needed. The crew locates a source of the mineral and send a team headed by Robert to retrieve it from a mysterious planet. When the scout team lands, they find that the entire world—plants, trees, animals, insects–are all made of metal.

Anything I say beyond that will be too much spoiler, so I'll just add that this isn't the only adventure the crew has on the journey.

"Pandora's Hope" is a rousing scifi space opera in the fine tradition of Star Trek and Star Wars. However, I think Lisa does a far better job of explaining such engineering phenomena such as faster than light travel (the space-bender). The aliens are interesting and varied. My favorite are the Locaru, miniscule little people who are wizard engineers. When I say little, I mean teensy-weensy little. Captain Nora has to get over her fear of insects to work with the beings, but grows to admire and like them just as much as her normal-sized crew.

I enjoyed the science fiction aspects of this book a lot. I'll give it a four-star rating for that part of the story.

Now to the reason this book is science fiction erotica. There's lots of sex, between lots of different people and, yes, even the little Locaru get some action. You will not believe that part of the story! I admit I am not an erotica reader or writer, so for the multiple sex scenes, I'll just have to leave it to others to decide how well they're done.

Technically, the Ravenous Romance editors didn't do a good job for Lisa. I found lots of errors. However, I was a professional tech writer before becoming an author, so I spent years looking for those errors in documentation. I'm probably pickier than the average reader in that regard. I just wanted to mention this to tell you to not be put off by the errors. I don't think they detract from the story. Lisa has written a bang-up, exciting scifi novel.

Finally, here's my complaint about the characterizations. Everybody seems to be screwing like bunnies in the book, yet they all seem highly embarrassed by it and afraid somebody might catch them going at it. Considering the previous book's space flu, which evidenced itself by a shipwide orgy, I'd think that the crew would be feeling pretty comfortable with the idea that they're all having sex in their mostly monogamous relationships. So, I don't understand their fear of being “caught in the act.”

Overall, I give the book four stars, but hope that Lisa can get a little more editing done. Hey, Ravenous! Do right by your authors! It'll make you more money in the long run.

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Review for Ultimate Duty

The lovely and sexy Lisa Lane reviewed my SFR, Ultimate Duty, on her blog. Read it here:

The Tales of Abu Nuwas - Now in Print on Amazon

Abu Nuwas sits in the bazaar telling stories to the passersby he can tempt to pay. When Najda, a poor girl, offers him a packet of spice for a story, Abu Nuwas launches into a tale about a girl named Setara and her genie. As did Scheherazade, he leaves the girl hanging in the middle of each yarn to keep her coming back for more. While relating the fantastical accounts, Abu Nuwas learns more of the spice girl's life, then finds a way to save her from a forced marriage and find a better life.

The teller of tales relates the adventures of a girl and her genie as they encounter the creatures of legend and folklore: a lonely cave demon seeking a home; a flying, fire-breathing horse who has lost his mate; a dragon searching for his family; an evil genie hunting for the man who bottled him; and a merboy cast out of his undersea kingdom.

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Now Reading for Review

Lisa Lane's second book in the Lust in Space series.Genre: erotic sci-fi romance Released: July 29, 2010 through Ravenous Romance.

Check out Lisa's blog, The New Sensuality. She even has a side game available to play. I haven't tried it yet, but certainly will while I'm reading her book.

YA Fantasy from MuseItUp Publishing.

Debra Dunlap's first book in her Magic in America series. Set in an Alaska even Sarah Palin can't see from her front porch. Read Fallon O'Reilley's adventures in the great white north.

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Like a Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth or have a cavity, you can't resist poking at it with your tongue. If I have a previously published book and the contract has expired, I can't resist self-pubbing it. Reprints aren't so easy to sell to publishers. Yeah, some will do it. However, I worked hard at getting original material into the world and that was plenty hard to do. I did have some success. Even better success more recently with the publication of my SFR, Ultimate Duty, and the contract for a suspense/mystery and a MG fantasy trilogy. But what am I going to do this week? Self-pub, of course. That sore tooth just has to be poked.

As a Valentine gift to you all, you can get The Tales of Abu Nuwas free from Smashwords until 2/14/11.

Link at Smashwords
Coupon: BC34T for 100% off.
The Tales of Abu Nuwas

Abu Nuwas sits in the bazaar telling stories to the passersby he can tempt to pay. When Najda, a poor girl, offers him a packet of spice for a story, Abu Nuwas launches into a tale about a girl named Setara and her genie. As did Scheherazade, he leaves the girl hanging in the middle of each yarn to keep her coming back for more. While relating the fantastical accounts, Abu Nuwas learns more of the spice girl's life, then finds a way to save her from a forced marriage and find a better life.

The teller of tales relates the adventures of a girl and her genie as they encounter the creatures of legend and folklore: a lonely cave demon seeking a home; a flying, fire-breathing horse who has lost his mate; a dragon searching for his family; an evil genie hunting for the man who bottled him; and a merboy cast out of his undersea kingdom.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Tales of Abu Nuwas

Coming soon from Texas Boy Publications.


Sorry you spent good money to see Twilight in a movie theater? Wished that you'd held out for the DVD from Netflix? Or even wished that Stephanie M. would have bit the dust before she typed THE END?

Get your revenge by renting "Vampires Suck."

I rented Twlight from Netflix, so I'm happy to say I didn't waste much money to check it out. At the end, I'm thinking, "So this shiny vampire fella who's several hundred years old can only fall for this colorless, dull chick? Just because she smells good? Gimme a break!"

The good part of my wasting a rental on Twilight is that I had a lot more fun watching Vampires Suck because I got the throwaway references better than my husband, who adamantly refused to watch Twilight when I rented it. But he knew enough from the endless publicity to get a lot of it.

BIG SPOILER: Vampires Suck nails the vampidity (yes, that's a deliberate typo) of Twilight. The leads are both very talented kids who manage to project the Bella and Edward characters very well, they're also hilarious doing it. Oh, yeah. They didn't want to chance never making Vampires Suck II, so they threw in Jacob just so they can have a scene with pubescent teen girls going at each other with pitchforks and axes with either Team Edward or Team Jacob on their t-shirts.



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