Friday, April 24, 2009

Anathem by Neal Stephenson

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This is not a review.

The reason that it isn't is because I'm on page 29 of the 935 page book, and I'm not sure if I'll be able to finish it. I will plow ahead, but I have to say that I'm already disappointed in it.

I love Stephenson's books. I'm a huge fan of Cryptinomicon and the Baroque Cycle. Both of these are huge tomes, so the length doesn't faze me.

What bugs me in Anathem is that I feel like I'm reading another language in which I am ill-versed. This is frustrating. I really, really want to love this new book of Neal's, but I'm afraid it will be returned to the library unfinished. When it comes out in paperback, and I can buy a used copy I will most likely give it another try.

But, for now, I'm thinking I should just return it to the library so that someone else can have at it.

I'd be interested to hear from others who have read the book. It might reassure me that either 1) I'm being silly and should plow ahead, or 2) this is incomprehensible unless you're into getting a Ph.D. in Stephenson Arcana.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Chateau Lorane Fine Arts and Wine Festival

I'll be selling books at the Chateau Lorane Winery on Memorial Day, May 25th. I'm looking forward to another Authors event. It's fun to touch base with other local authors and talk to a bunch of people who've just swilled a lot of wine. They do tend to impulse buy.

Chateau Lorane is located south of Eugene in the Lorane Valley, the winery is world-famous (that's what they claim anyway). Oregon does have some primo wines, so I'll take their word for it.

I sure hope the weather's decent. I'm not sure whether the authors will be outside or have some cover. In Oregon, it's as likely to be 80 degrees and sunny or 50 degrees and rainy on Memorial Day.

I'll post more detailed information closer to the date. If you're in Oregon, though, think about coming to the event. Supposed to be great fun.

Here's their website so you can check it out.