Friday, September 22, 2006

Republican Rebels

Ha! What a load that is. Now that elections are only a month and a half away, some Republicans are growing a set of gonads and "standing up" to Bush's torture demands.

I don't believe that this is anything other than another smarmy attempt to win elections. I'm certain that the White House is complicit. "Okay, you guys act like you're against what we want, then we'll give in and you get to be heroes." Puhleeze!

Democrats have to get tougher if they're going to win the upcoming elections. If the Republicans continued to hold all three branches of government, the future of the nation will continue to go downhill into fascism.

Be sure to get your absentee ballot so you can have a paper trail of your vote. Those states using the Diebold machines have no auditability and can easily be hacked. Make a copy of your ballot before sending it in. Get out the vote. Drive old folks to the polls. Whatever you can do, then do it. Your nation's future is at stake.

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