Friday, September 08, 2006

The Cadida Tale Tale Tale

I just heard from Sam's Dot Publishing's Tyree Campbell that the Cadida stories will each have their own little chapbook. They'll come out in January, March, and May of next year.

Since Cadida and old Bascoda the Djinn are finding a place in the publishing world, I've decided to write another one. So, that's my top of the pile project right now.

Running in second place: A science fiction novella titled "First Duty." This started with two short stories. Part 1 will be published in Abyss & Apex sometime or other. It was October, but it's looking more like January as they like to "theme" their issues. Part 2 is already hanging out in the August issue of Ultraverse. I was starting a third in the series (do we see a trend here?), when I decided to try for one longer work using theose two stories as yeast. I've got a 35,000 word novella now which I'm workshopping.

Running in third place: I'm still pushing the Tales of a Texas Boy. LBF liked three of the stories (June, July, September) for their Writers Post Journal, but their reader didn't seem to care for the idea of a book, so I've sent it elsewhere.

Running in fourth place: I'm writing a few short stories outside these themes and seeing if any of them fly.

Other than that, I'm lolling around on the couch and eating bon-bons.

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