Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Little Post-Valentine Romance from Pembroke Sinclair

Pembroke writes:

I write several different genres. I’ve written Westerns, sci fi, fantasy, horror, and even nonfiction. By far, my favorite genres are sci fi, fantasy, and horror. But I don’t shy away from a challenge, and I thought I’d try my hand at romance.

I don’t write romance with a capital R. That genre is way out of my league. The amount of stories I’ve read in that genre I can count on one hand. It’s not my favorite, and those that write the genre pretty much have the market cornered. Still, it was something that interested me, and I had a story rattling around in my brain, so I thought I’d give it a try.

The first story I wrote was published in an obscure magazine, and it wasn’t very good. Then, I was asked to do one for an anthology. It was a paranormal romance with dark undertones, so I thought, “What the heck?” Hence “The Weeping Bride” was created.

Order link: Etreasures Publishing 

Scorned at her own wedding, The Weeping Bride has vowed to make every bride from her hometown miserable until she finds her own happiness. When the groom at a friend's wedding disappears, Melanie and Tyler must solve the mystery of the Bride to save him. Time is not on their side. Will they find him before The Weeping Bride's revenge is satiated?

After that, “The History of My Wishes” wormed it’s way into my brain and wouldn’t leave me alone until I put it on paper. Again, this story is a dark romance with vampires.

Order link: MuseItUp Publishing

When you're told your life is tragic, what else can you do but believe it? To deal with her own tragedy, Stevie drowns her sorrows in alcohol while never venturing beyond a three block radius of her home. A menial existence at best.

Then, a blue-eyed mysterious stranger offers to take away the pain and heartache and show her the world, all Stevie has to do is make a wish...or three.

I decided to rewrite my first romance story, which is called “Second Chances.” That wasn’t the original title, but the changed title fits the theme better. It’s darkish, but has a happy ending. It will be coming out from Musa later.

I also wrote another story called “The Way She Makes Me Feel,” which will be coming out from eTreasures Publishing at some point in time.

In my stories, I like to focus on human reaction to certain situations, and I thought a lot about how guys feel in romantic situations. Two of my stories, “The Way She Makes Me Feel” and “Second Chances,” are told from the guys’ perspectives. I wanted to portray them as real people with real emotions and issues, instead of just hunks of meat for the heroine to fall in love with (that’s the impression I get from Romances, but since I’ve read so few, it might be totally off base).

The goal of any of my writing is to figure out how people react to their surroundings, whether it be fighting zombies or zooming around space. For me, love and romance was just another setting for the characters to react to. Even though it’s not my first choice of genre, and I probably don’t do it justice, they are still fun to write!

Bio: Pembroke Sinclair has had several stories published in various places. She writes an eclectic mix of stories ranging from western to science fiction to fantasy to horror.

Her stories have been published in Static Movement,, The Cynic Online Magazine, Sonar 4 Publications, Golden Visions Magazine, and Residential Aliens, among others.

Her novels, Coming from Nowhere and Life After the Undead, are now available at eTreasures Publishing and Her story, Sohei, was named one of the Best Stories of 2008 by The Cynic Online Magazine. If you would like to contact Pembroke, she can be reached at pembrokesinclair at hotmail dot com or


  1. An author after my own heart. Multi-genre. I guess we'll never have a 'brand.'

    Congratulations on the stories and books you have out. The dark paranormal should do well for you.
    That's a popular genre.

    They all sound yummy.

    Good luck with your sales.

  2. Thanks, Lorrie! If you check them out, I'd love to know what you think!