Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Library Free Ebooks

Most of my books are free to read with a Kindle Unlimited (KU) subscription. Prime subscribers can borrow these books from the Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL).

Do me a favor and borrow any of my books free if you are a KU or KOLL subscriber. Then, page through them as fast or as slow as you want. Note you can do this while watching TV or just hanging around, or even reading a different book on another Kindle device. Read them if you'd like, but getting me some page counts (called KENP) will actually pay me a little bit for every page "read" (flipped through). Be sure to turn on your WiFi connection so Amazon can snoop to see how far you've read. I do not know what more I can do to entice you to read my books. They're free and you don't even have to actually read them. If I could, I'd visit you and flip the pages for you while you go about your life.

Witches of Galdorheim Series (3-Volume Book)
   Bad Spelling (Not KU, but Free at Smashwords)
   Midnight Oil
   Scotch Broom
   Spellslinger (Not KU, but Free at Smashwords)

Faizah's Destiny
Setara's Genie
Missing, Assumed Dead
Ultimate Duty
First Duty
Tales of a Texas Boy
Eagle Quest

Mixed Bag II: Supersized
Mixed Bag Short Story Collection
Fish Story: A Three Story Sampler

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