Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Resolutions 2019

Hey, I actually did accomplish one of my 2018 Resolutions. I finished writing and published the 4th book in the Witches of Galdorheim series. "Blood Ties Tested" is now being ignored with the same fervor as the rest of the series. Nothing ever changes except the date. The whole series is now bundled on Amazon. A pretty good discount applies if you buy the entire set at one go.

For 2019, I resolve to study the requirements for living out my life in some other country. I don't need citizenship, just a semi-permanent resident status. Suggestions gladly accepted.

What about you? Are you making any resolutions? If so, do you have any I might contemplate borrowing since I can't think of anything else on my own.

Oh, right. Happy Birthdays coming up this month:

January 5th: My brother, Darrel (no, I don't have another brother named Daryl). Here's a great shot of Darrel as the Eclipse King from 2017. Everybody got to wear the crown at some point or other, so he shouldn't get a swelled head.

January 16th: My longest running time friend, Beth Aylworth. I found this old picture from back in the days when we all played league darts. Eventually, Beth and her husband, Chuck, moved to Salem. No more darts, but we're all still friends.

January 25th: My hubby, Jack Dasef. Here he is on one of our visits to London. We've since visited a number of other countries. We cruised around the Grecian Isles, then hit Ireland and Scotland. That was barely a taste test, so we definitely need to go back. But the Panama Canal calls and I still want to go below the Antarctic circle since I've been north of the Arctic circle. The symmetry would be pleasing.

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