Monday, December 31, 2018

January Restores Sanity to the House

Political post, just so's you know.

When the House members are sworn in on January 3rd (HAPPY NEW USA), they will be able to keep Mueller at post investigating the Trump Crime Cartel. I hope the have the guts to go after them pincer and tong. The Republicans have overseen the destruction of the country by giving into the obviously insane and demented Trump.

So, all I can say is that I HOPE the Democrats play every card they have to stop Trump's raging path of insanity.

You think Trump is doing okay? Then, do not read this blog. Go away and suck poisonous frogs. You are demented and do not deserve any say in the running of this country.

Okay, back to Happy New Year. I'd better see a change, a HUGE change, for the better in 2019. Trump should not be allowed to continue his destructive reign, but Dems have to double-down and get tough when they have even a modicum of control.

Let's see, what would be an appropriate graphic for this post? I kind of like Trump behind bars serving a life sentence for multiple crimes against the US and humanity.

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