Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Family Matters

I've spent the last month buying a new house for my parents and getting them moved into it. They're now ensconsed across the street from me. It was hard for them to make the change and I hope I didn't force them into something they end up hating.

So far, they've given no indication of that and have said more than once they are grateful that I took up the cause to get them moved from fifteen miles out in the country with only a wood stove to heat their shabby rental house. Their former landlords didn't do much upkeep, but on the other side, they never raised their rent in over thirteen years. Good people on the whole.

I hope I did the right thing, though. It's a huge change for them. I worry about it, although the rest of the family concur with me doing this. My idea, but my younger brother split the costs despite his wife's reluctance to spend so much of their retirement money.

My brother and I feel the same way, though. It's just what you do. End of story. Period. Family matters.

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